Is Summer coming?

Everyone is all a dither, there have been strange sightings in the sky, some say it is sunshine, but others disbelieve due to the fact that it has not been seen on the Emerald Isle for some time. I’m warm and itchy and generally uncomfortable in my clothing, so I think for me, that signals it’s at least getting warmer. Don’t worry though, I have no intention of stripping off and running through the bluebells. Poor, poor bluebells.

Last night I put my phone on to charge, which would have been great if only I had remembered to turn on the plug…..doh!! I went to work and due to the fact that it was busy all day, I never even got to plug it in. Fast forward a few hours and I am sitting on the train at the start of my journey home, ready to have a few hands of Yahtzee and catch up on blog reading and bam, there’s only a slither of battery power left. When travelling by NIR, you always need to think ahead, at any time there could be a train failure, or leaves on the line, and without a mobile phone, how would I ever be able to inform the Fathership of my late arrival.

Weighing up all these options in my head, I decided it best not to use the phone and instead opted for the Ipod Touch. Whilst virtually redundant now for most things, it still plays music, and plays it rather well might I add.  I listen to tunes sometimes whilst working on my computer, rarely however when I am blogging as I find it distracts my thoughts, but today, between the music and the sunshine, the thoughts were coming thick and fast. Snippets of poems like the old days, adventures for May and perhaps even for Polly Carmichael who I have not written about in a while.

I had no paper.

I had a pen, but no paper.

I had no phone, the mere slither of battery power left rendering it almost useless to write a post with.

I had a redundant Ipod touch, great music, no WordPress.


I came home and I’ve got nothing. All my great ideas disappeared like the sun!

45 thoughts on “Is Summer coming?

  1. Just one of those days then. Like when you spend all day thinking it’s Friday when it’s really Monday. Hope you got your phone charged :D <3


  2. When traveling or waiting for anything (generally in a line), I prefer to NOT rely on technology and carry a crossword puzzle/sketch book and pen. If I can doodle, great. But, usually, I can’t be very creative in a public space. So, a tedious crossword can just as well “kill time” and spare the batteries and radiation pumping through my body. I am sure there is plenty more I don’t invite being sent to other wireless “customers.” But, I will do my best to reduce that volume. It makes me want to cry sometimes just thinking about how people have become so dependent on electronic face-stealers.


    • I tried the whole crossword thing, but sadly since the injury I can no longer cross my legs very well which means to do anything like that I have to be almost hunched over. Plus the way the train lurches about, I’ve near put me eye out a fair few times. That said I’ve smacked myself up the face with the phone a few times too lol


  3. Drat! Well, am sure you will find them again…I have a feeling that brain of yours never stops churning out ideas….even when you don’t notice! Am just glad to know that the ideas were there again,…….very encouraging!


  4. Oh, but as for those flying ideas that come and go, I am happy my family got me a digital voice recorder. I recommend keeping one of those if you must have something electronic on hand. It equates a note pad and probably consumes far less power/effort just to get those thoughts down on something. Later, I can replay my rambles and transfer them to paper or PC.


      • I get that. And, yea, on a train next to a bunch of strangers, it might feel like exposing yourself. But, what is a blog? The only difference is no one sees you type it. Don’t think of it as talking to yourself but unloading bags building up in your mind. The recorder is the table you lay the groceries on when you come home from the store. Here. Take these, my digital table. Just as you unload in a blog post, you unload into a voice recording…or onto a note pad.


  5. It’s always the way that you never have a means to write your great ideas when they come, yet when you want/need a great idea, there’s none to be found!


  6. Hey you! I love the new theme and layout! Very crisp and clean, As for losing thoughts, don’t feel bad, my thought train lives on a grease covered track anymore and I can rarely keep a thought in my head for a mere few minutes. Welcome back by the way, I’ve missed ya!


  7. Awww … sometimes the sun comes out – and all we can do – are meant to do – is just appreciate that – in the moment – for it is a gift.

    As for the over-excitement – that feeling of needing and wanting and finally, finally being able to “move, create, be in the spontaneous moments of the thrills we feel” – well, clearly, the lesson is obvious, yes?

    Just step back and breath – it will be all good – and those ideas – they will come back to you – when you’ve settled in a bit – and just given yourself the break you need – to bask and simply enjoy the sunnier days and warmth – that will fuel your self, spirit and soul. So much like you phone needing charging – you too do – so plug in – and let yourself be :D

    Hugs and love Juls :D


  8. I walk with a distinct list to the right because my bag is full of phone, ipod, paper,pens,pencils. Commuting requires a lot of just-in-cases. I had a narrow escape the other night. By a quirk of serendipity I arrived at the bus station, rather than my usual bus stop. Just as bloody well, place was full of Young People going to a music festival and getting on My Bus. Needless to say us regulars queue jumped the lot of them. Really hope they’re not coming back on my bus on Monday – can you imagine how stinky they’re going to be after 3 days of heatwave??? :-0


  9. Hey Jules, why couldn’t you use the notes app on your iPod Touch to write down blog post stuff? I do that from time to time. Sometimes I even go back and find something I’d forgotten about!


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