Do you love it or hate it?

Love - Hate Challenge

The lovely Judy from Edwina’s Episodes kindly requested of me that I complete the Love – Hate Challenge. Strangely enough, I had seen this earlier on in the day on another blog and thought it looked quite interesting, so I was glad to see the invitation. Thanks Judewina (I like both names so I’m renaming you for the purposes of this post).

In this challenge I have to list ten things  I love, closely followed by 10 things I hate and then shaft nominate 10 other bloggers to complete it too.

Things I Love

  1. My family and friends, which also includes you, ya bunch of randomers. I love each and every one of you.
  2. The smell of fresh cut grass – As long as I have not had to cut it, because then all I can smell is petrol and sweat.
  3. Coffee – I could not exist without it. lifts cup, sips and continues……
  4. Music – It really does make the world go round.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – It has managed to surpass any other TV show I have ever watched in the love stakes. It’s like a bad relationship, it’s made me happy, sad, cross and cry and yet I still keep going back for more!
  6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – I especially loved Legolas and even had a bit of a girl crush on Arwen.
  7. Stationary (by way of clarification, I mean pens etc, not standing still) – Hmmm that might be more of a fetish than love, swiftly moving on.
  8. My Camera – My Sister bought me it as a present and it takes the most amazing photographs despite the fact that I have no idea how to use it properly.
  9. GTA V – It’s my release. I’m not a fan of career mode, but I love playing online with my friends. I am BADASS! Shame the same cannot be said for real life huh!
  10. Pom Bears – I can’t believe I made it to number 10 without mentioning food, and no the coffee does not count thank you very much. For my last slot, I need to confess that I am totally in love with these little bear shaped crisps (original flavour). I try to tell myself they are better for me than ordinary crisps as they are Gluten Free and contain no artificial flavours or colours. The fact is it wouldn’t matter, they are delicious and I am addicted and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Things I Hate

  1. Cold Callers – I cannot express how much I dislike these people. My new tactic after reading various articles on the internet, is to ask said caller the name, address and contact details of their company. When they ask me why, I inform them I am registered with the telephone preference service and should not be receiving calls of this nature. 9 out of 10 times they will hang up. Result!
  2. Ice and Snow – I like it when I am inside looking out at it, but I don’t like it if I am outside and trying to walk in it.
  3. Politics – I’m not even going to justify that comment, it is what it is and I need to stay awake to the end of this post.
  4. Jam – It’s really strange but so many people are actually horrified when they find out I don’t like Jam, especially on my toast in the morning. WTF, is there some unwritten rule that I HAVE to like it.
  5. Changing Trains – I’d love to be able to just get on a train and stay on a train until I reach my destination, but no, that would be far to simple, right Translink!
  6. Being indecisive, I think.
  7. Smoking – I smoke, and I hate it. I am trying (albeit unsuccessfully at the minute) to quit!
  8. Nails on a blackboard or other similar screeching noises – it makes my teeth hurt.
  9. Clothes Shopping – It does nothing for my self esteem when I stand in garments that are clearly not suited for my shape looking into mirrors that are clearly not designed to flatter. If I ever win the lottery I have every intention of starting my own clothes line. There will be a straight choice between black or navy.
  10. Birds shitting on my clean washing when it’s hanging on the line to dry.

I have to be honest and say that I found the things I hate bit quite hard, no doubt tomorrow on the journey to work I’ll be all ffs this and ffs that as I remember things I should have included.

So here are the people who I would like to see complete this challenge, however no one is under any obligation to do so and there will be no complaints from me, as I usually shy away from them myself.

Mental in the Midwest

Steve Says

A Prompt Reply

Wee Blue Birdie

Here There Be Spiders

Knocked over by a feather

Not A Punk Rocker

My Life, My Way, My Words

Rebelle Angel

Bluefish Way

If I have not included you, but you like the idea of this, consider yourself invited, and as I said before, to any of the ten nominated, if you have already done this or you just can’t be arsed, feel free to pass it on by.

Till next time Eejits!

77 thoughts on “Do you love it or hate it?

  1. I really like this–and if I’m going to be blogging on WBW everyday in June, I need all the blog post prompts/suggestions I can get! Consider me in! :D


  2. Uggghh! I knew you were going to hit me with this! Okay, okay, already. I’ll do it. You’re actually the second one so I guess I have to now.

    Hey, I’m so glad to see a real post from you! You are doing it! Am so impressed!

    And how interesting your likes and dislikes are……I had no idea on most of this! Am glad you completed the challenge, I like learning more about you!


      • Was fun to read yours and I already made my lists right after that. I was only kidding you that I was upset. Geez. Just have to write mine up now!


  3. *snorting* – well now that we “officially” know that you don’t like jam – I will, as I did, upon first hearing that – say – back at you WTF?????

    Roflmao – BUT – you are absolutely correct – there is no universal law anywhere that says you and everyone else on this planet should like jam – so fine. But just for clarity – and Truth – it *is* weird XD

    And btw … “Gee – thanks for the thumbs up” – *dripping sarcasm (but laughing nonetheless) because like – what – now I have to think – and my brain just wants to “numb out?” Sheesh!

    Fine and dandelions – I will take up the glove you’ve thrown at me – in lieu of the actual slap – and work on it XD

    Cheers :D


      • Well – vices are vices – and photographic/artistic license permits anything – so a “smoking aspect” seems far preferable to me – then say – someone shooting up.


      • Is smoking a vice of yours? Or, some other drug, tattoos or piercings?

        I think the French cigarette goes with the picture/costume. But, I am trying (myself) to stay away from such images and find cleaner (drug free) alternatives to help curb those who might be weak against such temptations that are not exactly healthy for them. Just as I would avoid posting pictures of people with alcoholic beverages in hand. But, yes, someone injecting themselves with a needle or snorting a line of cocaine would be worse.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well – to each his/her own. As for trying to “please” or “appease” all the potential masses here on the internet – in regards to not trigger affects – an interesting idea – to be sure – perhaps even noble? but I sing and dance to my own tune.


  4. Happily reading and chuckling away and nodding at a shared love of freshly cut grass and coffee; will let you have Legolas, because then I can have Luke Evans all to myself. I have just shouted down the phone at a cold calling computer. Then I saw my name. Eeeek!!! Responsibility. We’ll see…… but thanks for the job :-))


  5. I hate those cold callers as well. When I see an “unknown” or “ID Withheld” call coming through I always answer the phone with the words “Red Dragon Chinese Takeaway, may I have your postal code and credit card number please.” They usually hang up.


  6. From one Jules (me) to another Juls (you) via
    Rebelle Angel :

    I so totally agree with your number one dislike.
    When cold caller call, sometimes I pick up and say nothing, and play chicken waiting to see who will hang up first. I have a folder for these numbers so I don’t have to look each one up every time.
    I look them up on 800 notes(dot)com. Our Do Not Call list exempts politics (ugh I dislike them too), charity calls (legit or those other organizations who claim to be calling for someone else but don’t give them more than 10% of the funds they actually collect), surveys, or dept collectors. So really what’s the use of it. As the saying goes “Locks are for honest people.” and most of the folks who make cold calls aren’t even close to being honest.


    • My Dad plays chicken with them too lol When any of use ring him we’re like Dad ffs will you speak. They annoy me most though because of how cross they get and the fact they keep pestering my poor mother who has dementia, although I think now that when they ring she answers the phone and in speaks to them in languages certainly no one from this planet has ever heard lol
      I love your list, I like how both you and MJ adapted the challenges to make them your own intertwined the likes and dislikes together. You ladies are too clever for your own good lol

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I prefer the Seinfeld response to cold callers (as you call those who we generally refer to as “robo-callers”). He says he’s busy, asks if he can take a message and then asks for a number to reach the caller by. The caller chokes. Jerry says, “Oh, I guess you wouldn’t want a stranger bothering you on your own time.” The caller says something like, “Well, no.” And, Jerry says, “Well, now you know how I feel.” Then he hangs up.

    I see you putting things in your hate list that seem to creep up on you like a part of life…as if you are saying you hate having them attached to you (like smoking). Yet, you do that. It’s like an endless puzzling thought.

    I don’t know if this is much of a challenge. And, I’ve done my share over the years. But, I am inclined to give this a go…RIGHT HERE! [Gives his knuckles a virtual crack.]

    10 Things Writingbolt Loves (in no particular order other than as they come to mind)
    10- Chocolate. Just one of the things most women and I have in common. It’s powerful stuff! I’ll take chocolate over any other drug you come up with. I could slay a few of these love slots with chocolate products.
    9- Pizza. You can do this so many ways and appeal to so many cultures. It’s a universal social/comfort food. I can either say too much or not enough about this one. I’ll spare you the lengthy ramble…this time. :D
    8- Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce. Another idyllic comfort food and staple for anyone with Italian blood. It’s a lil piece of the homeland when you need to curl up and regroup.
    7- People who go the extra mile to get good things done. [Not people who spend extra time on things that harm, waste or deplete the good in the world.] I’m talking about the real heroes who aren’t basing their decisions on the time clock or how they get paid/insured. People who will go into overtime to make things right. I myself do this at times and risk my own financial neck. It’s refreshing to see others do it….sometimes it chokes me up and sucks the life out of me to see someone so determined and strong.
    6- The Beach. At least, when it’s not too hot outside (hot enough to fry my skin)…or overrun with half-naked party animals. It’s the sort of spot that soothes my soul. It can ease me into tears or turn me on in ways I wish a woman would. :D Sexual beach fantasies. Enuf said.
    5- Walking Through a Forest in Autumn (Where the Leaves Turn Colors).
    4- Pumpkins. Good for carving, crafting and eating. What more can I say? The seeds supposedly are good for combating anxiety attacks…from the sugar/pie variety, I guess.
    3- Women’s Fashion (generally). This is going to sound weird til you see one entry in my hate list. But, I envy the variety women have to pick from. It inspires me to design fashions (though I have about as much fabric measuring and pattern making sense as a fly knows karate). Some women obsess about shoes or handbags. I say screw them both and take a look at all the different dress styles and sweaters out there. Oh the things I want to do to women in those…oop! :O :P hehe
    2- Women. [I won’t go into more detail. It’ll just be a jumbled mess. But, don’t get the wrong idea, either. I’m no womanizer or pimp. But, this list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a woman’s beauty…or the beauty I perceive when viewing the right woman/women. You can get as sexist as you like. You can slay them or leave them. But, they’ll always be women to meeee. Sorry; I had a lil Billy Joel moment there.]

    [The love list is a tad hard for me to complete as I don’t throw that word around lightly.]

    10 Things Writingbolt Hates
    10- Paperwork. I may have been a decent student in my school days. But, I detest all the filing and form-filling us humans seem vexed to do. It’s suffocating to the soul!
    9- Politics. Like #10. It seems so stupid to boast American pride in democracy when two factions fight each other and accomplish nothing just to be on top of the financially wasteful mountain. It’s enough to make a guy join a terrorist organization. Yo, Joe-bra. [Community joke.]
    8- Fake. Anything fake. From fake boobs to fake hair to priests who pretend to be working for the church when they are doing business “at the docks.” Channeling a lil Avril Levigne, here…if I catch you faking, look out.
    7- White Lies/Deception. Sure, they might make someone feel less upset about something…but they still don’t sit well with me. Even I don’t like or want the harsh truth sometimes. But, isn’t it better to get the real feelings or info on the table now than find out years later (like when it take forever for a marriage to realize it was no good from the start)? I am including in this slot the tactics some take to cheat systems and even lovers. I recall one case in which a woman I was dealing with told me she had to get a bench home before her husband saw it. As if he would not object once he DID see it in the house? She said it would be too late by then. …What sort of woman is this? What is she expecting from similar choices in the future? It’s these rare moments that make it hard to love women. :P hehe Yea, I know men can be as bad. Relax.
    6- Allergies. Just one of God’s ball-and-chain taxes on life. I am wondering if they aren’t punishment for a crime in a past life. I’ve had to treat so many conditions already, it makes me wonder what’s the point of living. Is this entertaining some higher power?…am I reality television? Tune in next week when Writingbolt deals with a painful rash on his (woohoo!). Comedy ensues.
    5- Celebrity and Paparazzi. They go hand-in-hand. And, for all I know, they’re working together even though one seems like a parasite. For all the glory that comes with being a celebrity, there seems to be just as much–if not more–shit that takes time hitting the fan. Either scandals must be dredged up to soil the golden star. Or, relationships have to be torn asunder. We can’t have too many celebrities happily married for 50 years; can we? Nooo. How would all the sick seasonally broken-up humans relate? And, how could any star be seriously in love with one person and then do sex scenes with ten other people in their next line of films/shows? And, shame on those camera mosquitoes who stalk and terrorize. How does anyone put up with flashes in their faces all the time? My eyes would be destroyed. I’d make a separate slot for all the award shows they air on TV almost every week these days, but that would be a waste, too. Those awards are so pointless and deceiving.
    4- Overly Spicy Foods (the ones that try too hard to dazzle diehards). You know it’s pathetic when a new spice name appears in a commercial. How hot does it have to be to amuse you? For me, not that hot. I’m just fine with a dash of jalapeno. I just prefer foods that pleasure me instead of inflicting pain. You masochists can disagree and go get your fifty shades of pain elsewhere.
    3- Horror/Gore. I am certainly NOT a fan of most scary movies. I have grown some tolerance over the years with aging and exposure to some real tragedies. But, I do not find slaughter or scare fests entertaining. I like sleeping in peace, thanks.
    2- Being Indecisive. I’ll just go with that one as I struggle to finish this list, too. It has been a problem most of my life. And, it may very well be why I’ve missed out on many opportunities…or it may have spared me a few of the bad decisions I still made that cost me. Who knows. But, I could spend the rest of the year daydreaming about the possibilities…
    1- Being Wrong. I hate the constant collision with others who claim what I do is wrong (or telling me I did what I thought was right wrong). I likewise don’t enjoy being the reaper of ill will when I tell others what they do/did is wrong. It’s an ugly street to travel either way.

    Phew! Now, I need a lil comfort food.


    • Oh crap. I didn’t even finish the Love List right…see? :P Let’s see… I’ll add Finding a Compatible Soul My Size. I am just not sure I’ve done that, yet. But, it’s on the bucket list.

      Oh, and I forgot to put Shopping for Men’s Clothes in the Hate list. I cannot stand how lousy the options for men are. But, I’ve surely written a post about this in my own collection somewhere. I just have little to no interest in anything but sweats, lately. I am not a suit and tie guy nor do I need a thousand ugly polo shirts, paper-thin sweaters and/or novelty t-shirts no grown people really want to see socially/professionally. And, enough with the gay color parade! I’m heterosexual! Deal with it! I hate pastels and stripes! And, plaid (flannel) bores me.


    • WOW!! You just took an idea and ran with it didn’t ya, right there and then lol You do realise you had the perfect opportunity for a post right there.
      WB there is a fair few old mentions of the ladies in there, is one feeling a tad lonesome tonight? (You used songs to can I, but I’m bringing out the big guns, Elvis, Mr Elvis to you!)
      Good list though, at the mention of allergies on the hate list I nodded my head in agreement so hard I head butted the table lol


      • Fair few old mentions? What do you mean? Have I rehashed these same thoughts much?…I suppose I have.

        I could have made a post of the list, but I didn’t feel like it. :)

        Tonight? I am lonesome plenty of nights…days…years…decades…

        Does that mean you should add headaches to the list (if you hit your head)? :D


      • It means you mentioned ladies a lot, do you have them on your mind? lol Nothing about rehashing thoughts lol
        I not that you quote decades, I doubt you have seen to many decades pass you being a young un and all :)


      • I don’t think I did. I said women and women’s fashion. And. maybe I mentioned women in the bit about shopping for men’s clothes.

        Sorry I exploded on your post.

        Yes, I have women and intimate moments on the brain quite often. And, then I come back to reality and just want to curl up in a womb and sleep the time away.

        Yes, I have endured a few decades. As One Republic says, “Old, but I’m not that old. Young, but I’m not that bold.” I’m no school dumpster baby.


      • I may not have my best humor radar, lately. I’m in quite a low, miserable mood, actually. I guess I was just checking because I know how others and even myself can be bothered by a long comment or separate conversation.


      • My life is a roller coaster which rarely if ever makes it to the happy peaks. This arm is testing my limits before I can test its limits. I just hate looking at it and picking at this odd bump or that freckle that looks a bit dark…just feeling like Quasimodo who may never find his Esmerelda.


      • You think so? I think I am too paranoid or actively thinking to stop. I’ve lost a decade over other troubling thoughts/circumstances.

        Yea, bad pun. My sense of humor suffers, too, from this. I can make my own jokes. But, I don’t receive those of others as well.

        I keep saying this: If I didn’t have my sense of humor and creativity, I’d be dead. I’ve died several times in this life, already. And, what keeps me coming back is my creativity, even if it leaves me a disfigured freak with social anxiety that’s practically killing me.


      • Esentially, when we’re out of action we forget that everyone else’s life doesn’t stop too. It’s easy to get pissed off at the world around you as it goes on about it’s daily business while you’re stuck recuperating and believe me is it a sure fire sense of humour sucker.
        As one who suffers with anxiety, I get it, I honestly do lol


      • Can we laugh at our anxiety? It feels mad. I don’t want hair dye or creepy contact lenses. I could wear the top hat, though. No, what am I talking about? Bwahahaaa! Hoo hoo!

        I just don’t want to be the old janitor with the deformed arm kids talk about while I retire to my utility closet abode.


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