I am Two!

I am Two

It’s been a busy week meaning I’ve not had much of a chance to check up on my blog, I was too busy hiding under my desk in work having a mini meltdown.

Today however I decided to take a quick peek when I got home, and lo and behold WordPress informed me that I am two, well to be more exact, that my blog is, or was registered two years ago today. Where on earth did the time go?

The Anniversary Times Two Trophy!
The Anniversary Times Two Trophy!

I’m pretty sure at my one year anniversary I wrote a piece about how I was amazed I had made it to a year and what do you know, another one has gone past and I am still here! To the person who put superglue on the seat, I salute you.

Lately there has been a lot of posts in relation to the larger blogs, in particular the number of followers they have and how they obtain them. It’s easy to look up to the stars, but you need to remember that you are still standing on the ground.

I used to be like that, dream that one day I would have thousands of followers and be as cool as those I aspired to be. I realised rather quickly that was not going to happen, my writing was never going to win me awards and my wit alone was not enough to see me through and I was just fine with that, the world still turned.

I’m happy right where I am thank you very much. Yes it may have taken me two years to amass over 800 followers when some people can do that in mere months. Good on ya I say, I’m going for quality and not quantity. In my world 800 is fecking hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Every follower is a bonus, and I have found over the last two years that the majority of mine are real treasures and my life is better because they all dandered into it.

So happy I am two day, the fact that I am still here is nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you, my lovely eejits, I would be lost without you all!



68 thoughts on “I am Two!

  1. Congrats. I’m a little behind you and think my two years will be here soon. I’m amazed at that and even more so that I’m still having fun every time I visit my friends and get to blogging. Might not have made it this far without you either so it goes both ways. Again, congrats.


  2. Congrats! That’s awesome that you’ve been on here so long now and lady, from where I’m sitting after one year (in 2 days!) 800 is definitely HUGE!


    • I know right, that’s what I think too. A Lot of them are just people who follow for advertising purposes. I may only get 20 likes on a post, but they are all from people I care about and thats what matters :)


      • You have me so far beat it isn’t funny. Sometimes, I really wonder what the heck I’m even doing on here, but I would miss my buddies like you if I wasn’t! I’m really really pleased that you’ve built up such a good following……you are interesting and funny and talented and so many things it would really surprise me if you hadn’t! :) Keep on Bloggin’!


      • There is still time. In May last year I only had 500 so we’ll get you there. You’re here cos you are all the same things you said about me, oh and because you have to do my challenges too….can’t think of anything else…..oh no wait, I’d miss you :)


      • Thank you, Juls. I would miss you too. But WE’RE NOT doing anymore challenges. Dear God. I’m still waiting to see what you come up with on the What If thing….I’ll be lucky if the brain will even engage for some of those! :)


  3. Congrats on entering the Terrible Twos! Being uber-popular is probably not all its cracked up to be. I like to keep up with those who follow me, and that’s hard enough even with my small but loyal merry band!


  4. AH, so this is what we’re celebrating! Congrats love, that is most certainly an accomplishment. And you are entirely right in that quality is much better than quantity. You’re a genuine person with lots of interesting things to say and I love hearing from you. Here’s to many more years to come! *hugs*


  5. I admire your stoicism for sticking with the blogging malarkey :-) Absolutely agree the quality of reader is much more important than the numbers. That’s why I never joined Facebook. Mind you, I naively thought it was about real friends and felt intimidated at the thought of getting my friends into double figures. It’s a lot of effort to get those big numbers, so much tweeting and twerking. With my consistency issues it’s much easier keeping up with a few folk properlyish.


    • I don’t blog as much as I would like to. I’m still at a point even 2 years on where I don’t want to bombard people with my endless crap. That and a failing imagination are not a good combination, so I meant what I said, my friends here are the reason I keep going.
      I have Facebook, but only for blog related things, am enjoying Twitter more so was thinking of deleting Bakebook to be honest.

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  6. WoooHoooo – Who would have thunk eh?

    And here you were not so long ago whining on about not being able to hold out – hell, I remember way back at the beginning, when you were contemplating the name change and you were – “I can’t do this….I’m not cut out for this…. blahblahblah …” Uh huh. Sure. Please, sit down and tell me some more lies. ;)

    A hearty congrats to you – Juls – you really are the best – funny, witty, smart, and oh so great at what you do – a style all your own, and we love ya for it! So pass the champers and here’s to another fine year ahead …. cause there’s no stopping you now!


    • I know right lol your many kicks up the arse did me no harm at all :) I hope I can keep going, life’s gotten busy, I need to get myself into a routine, its just proving a little difficult at the minute. Hope you’re keeping better x

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      • Thanks – well, I try, but I think all the kicking has backfired cause I’m apparently either kicking meself in the arse too much, or some other wee nasty spirit is, cause the problem is beyond manageable now. So, we do the best we can, and go from there.

        You take care of you first too, eh? (Had to throw in some Canadianna ;) )


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