Okay, What if? Challenge – Film

This weeks writing challenge – Are you up for it?

Okay, What if ?


Hard to believe a week has passed already isn’t it, well it has and that means it is time for a new Challenge!

Last week I posed the question, Okay, What If I asked you about public transport? Below are the entries received from those who were crazy enough to answer, thanks for joining in!

Conversations on Trains | The Indecisive Eejit

Ever made a whole bus full of people mad at you? | JED’s Playhouse

I’m Watching You | Wee Blue Birdie

My Top 10 Public Transport Moments! | Wee Bit Wordy

Okay, What If? Challenge – Boys Day Out | Morpethroad

A special mention must also go to A Prompt Reply, who although she did not write a piece, provided a link to some very amusing travel pictures. She is to be commended for her evasion tactics.

So on to this weeks challenge:

Okay, what if you…

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6 thoughts on “Okay, What if? Challenge – Film

      • Looking forward to it! I love the idea of stepping out the door into my favourite fillum. When I was wee I had a thing about really, really wanting to be in a cartoon. Not like Mary Poppins or even today’s Fancy Pants CGI. Not even a guest spot in the Simpsons. But actually in the cartoon as myself but acting. Too existentialist??? Actually, I don’t even know what that sentence means… Right then, that will be my first paragraph done :-)


      • It’s fine I’m going to have google Big Word because it probably doesn’t mean what I want it to mean. Hang on…don’t go away… Ooh it does mean what I want, well it can, which is the point really. It’s one of those high faluting thinking thingies. It doesn’t have to be rational which is why I get to be in a cartoon. Gawd I hope none of your readers challenge me to an existential duel because my head will implode.

        And yes, lots of films I like, but which one do I want to live in?? I think I’d get bored being Steve in “Over the Hedge”.


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