Half asleep!

Sleep - IE

The lie in didn’t go so good, if you could see me now, eyes hanging out of my head and hair like I have been dragged through a bush backwards, you would instantly know, there was no lie in! Normally its either the next door neighbours hens clucking and clacking as they try to squeeze an egg out of their arse, or the dog telling them to get the feck up it needs off it’s leash. This morning it was the fathership who was the traitor and decided to mow the lawn at just after 9 in the morning. Seriously old man, have you nothing better to do, like helping the next door neighbours menagerie sort their shit out. Serves me right for going to bed at stupid o’clock anyway!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogs recently. It’s funny, but I liked the idea of the May Dupp one because she was a fictional charter, which gave me the freedom to write whatever I wished. I never thought, at the time, that it would be like writing stories, you still have to think of a beginning, a middle and an end. I thought I would (in my head) assume the character of May and it would all come naturally. I’m still enjoying the challenge tho and intend to keep her going for as long as I can.

Yesterday however, in a fit of madness I started a Twitter account for her. Now I have to say I am not the best at Twitter, but I like the idea of being her and causing some havoc, it will probably give me the balls to comment on things I normally never would have, and the fact that she is fictional gives me the freedom of free speech, within reason of course. I intend to have a little fun with her, so follow at your own risk and prepare for cheekiness and naughtiness. To connect with her follow @maydupp.

Sometime over the coming week I hope to get my drawings done for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. I have a few ideas, and it will be interesting to see if I can transfer them onto paper, they are either going to make you laugh or cry. The most current version of the challenge is C³ – Week Nine. I know I have not updated the main page ^ there yet, but I will at some stage over this weekend.

Ok time to get moving, there is housework to be done and I have decided that for lunch I am going to have a bowl of ice cream, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and flake! I am on my holidays after all, even if it is just for a few days.

8 thoughts on “Half asleep!

  1. That lunch! Sounds great!
    Sorry about your lie in though. But it does help when you can pretend to be a fictional character! I used to do that too when I was angry. I found out it got better when I wrote stories then.

    So you will be fine! Right?


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