I got the smarts…sometimes!

Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance, sadly however, they are few and far between. You also must remember that I am rating myself in accordance with my own scale of brilliance, which to be fair, neither starts or finishes very highly.

I suppose rather than being brilliance, it would be better to say I experience seconds of the smarts. In that instance I know what to do, I do it, I don’t flap about it, I am reasonably pleased and the whole incidence passes without too much worry being attached to it.

That’s rather mediocre for having been in a job almost two months, but I am taking comfort from the fact that having seconds of smarts is just the beginning and that full A* status will not be achieved until I have been in my new position for at least six months. Well so those in the know tell me anyway and assuming I am not sacked before that!

If you asked me if I liked the job I still wouldn’t be able to answer, it all depends on what day you ask me. Some are good and some are bad. I like the challenge, but not when it pickles my brains and leaves me feeling like I want to throw myself face first onto the floor and kick and scream. Meh, perhaps that’s just me and nothing to do with the job!

I need to get more organised, both at work and home. I feel that I should have lists and schedules and plans, and ways of working things so that I get more time to do what I want to do, like blogging. It’s a sad state of affairs when your parents have a better social life than you do!

I’m actually blogging this at lunchtime, only I left it too late and didn’t start my lunch until 1.30 and now time is up and I have to go type things for other people instead. So forgive me all my spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, today I shall blame it on being in a rush.

Remember too, you still have until Sunday to send in an entry for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, and yes I do know that I still have my own to do!

8 thoughts on “I got the smarts…sometimes!

  1. My post from last evening included some more mythical creatures, though I didn’t think to do the ping-back.

    I would agree that it definitely takes some time to settle into a new job. And even though I’ve been doing my job for going on 7 years now, there are still days that I hate it.


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