Just a note to say…

Every now and then there are changes in the blogsphere.  As in life, nothing stays the same for ever. People come, people go and in this process only one thing is certain, the writing never stops. Regardless of whose fingers are at the keyboard, the alphabet is assessed, assembled and added to a blog somewhere on the world wide web.

I’ve found this blog invaluable for all manner of reasons, but it’s hard work and devoting time can be problematic in an already busy schedule. Every day I carry my laptop to work with the intention of  writing during my lunchtime, but it never happens, something always comes up, or somebody somewhere needs my attention and before you know whats happened the hands on the clock have crept around and stolen 30 minutes from my day. Even as I sit now, my conscience is telling me there are beds to strip, ironing to do and things to prepare for the working week ahead!

Feck it! I’m writing.

Being the owner of a blog brings with it a responsibility of sorts. There is a reasonable expectation that I will post, comment, read and entertain, I have after all tried to trick you into believing I am funny. Last week I didn’t feel funny, I didn’t feel like writing, in fact I didn’t feel like much of anything and I felt guilty for neglecting both you and my little space. This had the knock of effect of pushing me further into the doldrums than I already was.  So that begs me to ask the question, did I fail your expectations, or my own!

The truth is I need this space. Aside from work and home life there is not a big pile going on, mainly because between those two there is very little time left. I have nothing but admiration for those of you who read almost every post, comment on probably twice as many, yet still find time to write on your own blog as well. That takes perseverance and dedication.

I’ve thought about giving up many times, but the truth is I don’t think I could, not at the minute anyway. I’m actually surprised, if I am honest, that I have lasted this long, I’ve usually run out of steam within the first month. The main reason I am still here is you guys, because my rambling filled pages on WordPress would be nothing without your interaction.

So forgive me if I do not get to read, like or comment on all of your posts, you have to believe that it is not a lack of interest on my part, but a lack of time. Forgive me if I do not post as often as I would like to, and also if I rant, I am a woman heading for the menopause, it’s bound to happen! and for those of you with meat and two veg stop making faces, you lot are prone to off days as well!

Thank you for sticking with me and my little place on the world wide web and thank you also for being part of my 500 followers :)



51 thoughts on “Just a note to say…

  1. ((hugs))

    Please don’t leave, take it at your own pace. I get that being overwhelmed feeling for sure.

    I am too tired to hunt people down right now!


  2. I’ve run into the same feelings. You can see my erratic posting schedule these last few months. I try to post but sometimes I just don’t have the energy. I try to read but again, no energy. I try to comment but — well you probably know where I am going. I feel worst about not commenting or reading others blogs.

    I finally figured a little is better than none and sometimes I do get to spend more time. Life can make it tough when you have responsibilities at work and home, but you’ve got to have a little enjoyment as well. The blog is a fun way to get that enjoyment.

    Congrats on the 500 followers. Awesome.


    • You know what Jed I think we’re all feeling the same, and place a little too much on our own shoulders. I don’t think anyone minds skipped posts, likes or comments, it’s enough to know that people are there and we are all still here, perhaps just not as often as we’d like to be. We see ourselves as singular and forget that everyone is in the same boat. I’m glad I wrote this post, because after reading the comments and messages I feel a little more at ease :)


      • I think I’ve just lost interest in it, Juls. Plus back when I started, I was actually doing the book on the side full time. But I’ve now rejoined the masses and am working full time. And like you said, that often gets in the way.


      • I didn’t realise you were back at work, hope it is going well for you. But surely unless you have settled down, you being back at work is more than likely going to lead to more shenanigans. It’s understandable after writing a book, which was really funny btw, that you might lost interest, but you never know, you may revisit it someday when you have more stories to tell :)


  3. I’m so glad you will not stop writing… Another friend here decided to stop and I always feel a little sad when people do that… I mean… I like you guys :'(

    So keep going. You don’t have a choice. I will bribe you emotionally if you try ;)


  4. 500 Followers! I am so impressed and it is well-deserved. I feel that same sense of responsibility you speak of here but at this point, I’m just trying to keep my head above water. I very much look forward to perusing other blogs though at the end of my day or on short breaks from packing boxes! So you just do what you can do and I’ll savour every single one!


  5. Do what you can, when you can. It’s tough work sometime as I have noticed in the past few months to keep up. But no matter how long you don’t post for it makes it even better when I next see your name appearing.


    • That’s brillaint! You know when I first started blogging I looked at people with that many followers and though oh my, they are like blogging rock stars, and now I have 500 followers I realise they were just ordinary people like me and I was idolising a fantasy lol


  6. Oh my gosh! I feel like you read my mind and typed what you saw! And when I read the first part, I started feeling like I was losing a friend. But then you came to exactly the same conclusion that I’ve come to lately. I NEED THIS! Sure, of all the things I do, it’s the “easiest” to let go of. No real obligation here, except to myself. So I won’t quit either, even though I’ve been considering it. I’m actually going to write my own post and link yours to it. :-) Thanks for voicing the things I was struggling with!


    • It’s been a big help to me to realise that I am not the only one feeling this way, in that respect I am glad I wrote the post.
      I get caught up in feeling guilty when I don’t get time to read and comment, but people understand that life gets busy and I’ve realised I was just putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

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      • I know that some people have a problem if someone just “likes” their post(s) and doesn’t comment. But not me. I’d rather have someone “like” my post than be nervous that they don’t have time to comment.

        The reality is everyone has a life–even people who have time to do this more than we do. And people who expect a steady flow of comments from everyone are not being realistic.

        As my schedule picks up in the next few weeks, the like button will be my friend. If anyone has a problem with it, I’ll be happy to use the time I would visit them to visit someone else. ;-)


      • That’s a very good way of looking at things. Sometimes with me use of the like button only is down to time, other times it’s because I have nothing to add to what has already been said. I’m not very eloquent when it comes to comments sadly lol

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      • I don’t think eloquence is as important as contact, but what I find frustrating are the people who assume people are doing “drive-by” likes and treat them with disdain. For me, I’d rather know someone has been by in ANY form, rather than be upset because they didn’t engage more actively.


  7. I’ve read a lot and wrote very little in the last couple of weeks but I am glad to hear that you’re not givin’ up :) WordPress wouldn’t be the same without our favorite eejit!


    • Thank you and likewise, tis good to hear from you. And see you just proved a point, I don’t love you any less cos you’ve not posted for a while, you’re still my favourite Hillbilly Eejit you just have a little less to say than normal and you know what, thats perfectly ok!


  8. ” …. and for those of you with meat and two veg stop making faces, you lot are prone to off days as well! ….”

    roflmao — and you were just saying to me some stuff and nonsense about style?!??

    Girl/Woman —- you crack me up every time. And that is saying something. Even when you’re ranting or bemoaning the mothership problems, you always find a way to twist things up. So, first of all

    CONGRATS ON 500+ —- yeah! Let’s give you a huge round of applesauce (why not?) and a sloshing big coffee!

    And as for the rest —- you know, you do what you can when you can, as you feel and as time permits. It would be damn near impossible to address e.v.e.r.y. single post etc. etc. – so, you know, stop feeling all torn up about it. It’s all good – because those who love ya – and we number many – understand, because we too, have had to make some tough choices. Sometimes it means dropping certain blogs, or assigning them to “weekly digests” in the reader, or simply sitting down and writing the posts we need to write BEFORE catching up on others. It’s all good — just go with the flow and work it the way it works best for you, each and every time you have the chance to log on and get connected.

    We’re so happy to spend this time with you – no matter what, eh?

    Keep on writing luv —- you are such a wonderful and special Eejit ;)


    • Woman, you always know all the right things to say just when I need them most. Your comments are like a kick up the backside for me and keep pushing me forward, even though you don’t intend them to be.

      I’m so glad I can make you smile, that makes me smile and means a lot. I’ve said it before a probably will a hundred more times, I am my own worst critic and the biggest hurdle I have to get over is myself lol

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      • Well, er …. I don’t mean to be kicking you up the arse, just trying to give you a gentle shove as you hunker down and refuse to budge … think me stubbornly pushing you from behind until we both collapse in a heap laughing, ‘cos we’re getting nowhere!

        The feelings you express are felt by many – myself included – so when we share and comment, we help each other take another slice of the pie, gobble it down, and move on, eh?

        We tend to be our own worst critics — but you really need to stop it — lest I tromp over there and kick some real-time butt! Lol ;)

        Just be gentle and kind to yourself – I mean, who deserves it more???

        Love ya Juls ((((hugs))))


  9. Just had my own week like that — which is why I’m commenting on this a week after you posted it. Very glad you’re still around, but it’s okay if life gets in the way sometimes. :)


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