I got the smarts…sometimes!

Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance, sadly however, they are few and far between. You also must remember that I am rating myself in accordance with my own scale of brilliance, which to be fair, neither starts or finishes very highly.

I suppose rather than being brilliance, it would be better to say I experience seconds of the smarts. In that instance I know what to do, I do it, I don’t flap about it, I am reasonably pleased and the whole incidence passes without too much worry being attached to it.

That’s rather mediocre for having been in a job almost two months, but I am taking comfort from the fact that having seconds of smarts is just the beginning and that full A* status will not be achieved until I have been in my new position for at least six months. Well so those in the know tell me anyway and assuming I am not sacked before that!

If you asked me if I liked the job I still wouldn’t be able to answer, it all depends on what day you ask me. Some are good and some are bad. I like the challenge, but not when it pickles my brains and leaves me feeling like I want to throw myself face first onto the floor and kick and scream. Meh, perhaps that’s just me and nothing to do with the job!

I need to get more organised, both at work and home. I feel that I should have lists and schedules and plans, and ways of working things so that I get more time to do what I want to do, like blogging. It’s a sad state of affairs when your parents have a better social life than you do!

I’m actually blogging this at lunchtime, only I left it too late and didn’t start my lunch until 1.30 and now time is up and I have to go type things for other people instead. So forgive me all my spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, today I shall blame it on being in a rush.

Remember too, you still have until Sunday to send in an entry for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, and yes I do know that I still have my own to do!

Fat Fingers!

Unbeknown to McDogs he sort of unwittingly issued me with a challenge yesterday with regards to the Google Nexus and his post about the WordPress App.

There is no doubt the App for Android is far superior to the one for Windows Phone. Don’t judge me, my Nokia Lumia links with ease to my Xbox and I’m a gamer of sorts so get over it! It also has excellent signal strength and as I live in the sticks this is essential.

It is unbelievably easy to post from the Nexus, a sleek interface means that most functions are available. Until now I have used the Bluetooth keyboard I purchased to type posts and blog from the train, however after reading Lee’s post yesterday I was amazed that he found it easy to use the on screen keyboard to type a legible post!

So this morning I have shunned the keyboard and I am using finger power alone, I am failing miserably.

I find it awkward to type. I seem to skip right past some keys meaning broken words, spelling mistakes and frantic use of the back button.

I could certainly type a post this way but it would take me much longer than normal and I doubt you would be able to understand it. It would not be my first choice!

I really must have fat fingers!!

Geeky and Freaky – 1 versus The Geeky G4mer – 0