A shindig or a Soirée?

An Office Full of Eejits

You may remember in my last post I had remarked about how quiet it had been in the office of late, due to interference from…well, work. Apart from the afternoon of the 2 hour quiz which was hijacked by the Googling ‘Charades’ bandit, we have been relatively well behaved. Until today that is!

Each year the office hold a little ‘Christmas Soirée’ for a select few. Being relatively new to the office, and having missed last years due to injury, this was to be my first as an official office add on. It was also to be the first year I would partake in the Secret Santa.

The Diamond Dancer did what she does best and organised an amazing spread of nibbles and drinks (soft of course). Aside from it being Christmas, it was also Pri-Lei’s birth anniversary, and her arrival was greeted by a resounding chorus of Happy Birthday. In hindsight we were foolish and should have instead performed a mash-up. “We Wish You A Merry Birthday” could have been the coveted Christmas Number 1!

I gave Pri-Lei the worlds smallest ‘Star Wars’ Journal. She said she liked it, although when she did her eye gave a funny twitch, which made me a little suspicious as to her integrity! I could tell you her age, but I do believe, in all honesty, that she would hunt me down and kill me! Happy Birthday Pri – Lei, work is so much funnier when you are around!

After the stampede for the buffet had calmed a little and teas and coffee’s had been made, the process of dolling out the Secret Santa presents began. The task of delivery fell to me, because I was a little excited by the whole affair (I don’t get out much). It has to be said that as far as our office goes, we were pretty shit at the whole secret bit. Through careful elimination and cock-ups we had all pretty much figured out our gift givers.

My gift giver was the Tinsel Twit, who made a guest appearance at the soirée despite still being unwell. How did I know it was her I hear you ask. Mainly because when all the presents had been given out she said oh I forgot to put mine over there, doh! Oh and the fact there was a huge packet of Swizzels Matlow Drumsticks hanging out of it too was another sure sign.

There was much laughter as one by one gifts were opened. I got lots of class Penguin things and also stationary, for which I have a bit of a fetish! As we went round in the circle there was also drink, DVD’s, shopping bags, Bonsai tree’s, socks, nipple vijazzles (don’t even ask) and frilly Merry Christmas knickers.

Last but not least came The Adorable Yeti, the only male in the office to partake of the Secret Santa. I thought I was excited but the bearded one took it to a whole other level. Each time he placed his hand into the gift bag and pulled out an item from inside he let out a big “Yeyyyyyyyy” which was then followed by lots of laughter from us. When he pulled out two tins of air freshener there was an even bigger roar of laughter. Last to come out of the bag though, was some fart putty, his Secret Santa knew him well, considering The Adorable Yeti is renowned for his amazing trouser trumps!

Fart Putty
The infamous ‘Fart Putty’

Needless to say  the rest of the afternoon in the office was a musical extravaganza, as each toot from the fart putty was followed by the bass of The Adorable Yeti’s laugh.

They might be eejits, but they are great craic!

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