Jiggling Jingle Bells!

Writing challenge. What if you could rewrite your favourite Christmas song?

So Jed from over at Okay, What if? has set us the above challenge. Right from the outset I liked the idea, however I have to be honest and say it was a little harder than I initially thought!

Anyway for your entertainment, here is my remake of that old classic ‘Jingle Bells’. Remember you can’t just read it, you have to sing along, to the tune of , yep you guessed it, well, Jingle Bells of course!

Laughing in the snow,
They say more is on the way,
There are presents still to wrap,
and food to cook for the big day.

The sprouts they do their work,
They produce cool musical toots,
Lets hope we cook the turkey right,
So we don’t give ourselves the scoots!

Jingle Bells, Santa Smells,
He’s had too many greens,
He gets the presents muddled up,
and gives everyone a tin of beans.

Jingle Bells, now the whole town smells
There are lots of musical toots,
Santa lets a big one rip
and blows himself clean out of his boots!

29 thoughts on “Jiggling Jingle Bells!

  1. Every year I get the scoots and now I know why! I guess I’ll pass on the turkey and go for ham this year. Very entertaining and I actually may be still singing it later.


  2. Bloody brilliant!

    Song/tune came into my head on cue – and off I went with your new lyrics! We have a #1 on the sh*t parade ….. toot tooot ;) ;)


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