WordPress Family Award!


I’m not a lover of awards, I’m kinda boring, so I run out of random facts about myself way to easily!

However today, Life Confusions was given her very first award (well done you!) and saw fit to share it with me as well. Had she not, she would have been one of my chosen nominee’s. Drop on over to her blog and say Hi!

I don’t have to answer questions and I don’t have to give random facts either, and better than that, it’s about something very close to my heart, it’s about recognizing people who you feel are a part of your very own WordPress family.

See this is where I am really lucky, because I have the best WordPress family ever!! Sadly I can only nominate ten. There are a couple of people who I have nominated for awards before and despite the fact they might be missed this time, they are still very important to both myself and my blog. Especially Lee and Paul, two of my best friends, they would hate me if I mentioned them on something that would give them work to do.

Here are the rules: 

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

I’ll do all of them except number 4, if you’ve been with me from the start you will know that when I get awards and pass them on by letting other people know, I usually get relegated to the trash area of the comment section by Akismet! Another fine example of why I don’t do awards. It took me weeks to climb back out and even longer to get the stale smell of food out of my hair!

I am pretty sure everyone I nominate will read this anyway, (see I told you they were awesome!) so it’ll be a nice surprise.

To each of the people nominated and the others I had to miss this time around, thank you so much for being here with me on my journey, for your words of encouragement and your faith in me that never waivers no matter how stupid or ridiculous I am. You are all the reason I keep updating and interacting. You’ve given me something to look forward to when the dishes are done and I sit down to enjoy what little time I get to myself before bed. On nights when things have been tough at home, someone has always been there to make me smile.

It means an awful lot, and I am extremely glad to have met each and every one of you!

I am proud to call you all members of my WordPress family!

In alphabetical oder (to avoid any fights, I know what you lot are like!!):

I also cheated, I chose eleven and not ten, but when you’re sharing the love I’m not sure anyone will mind too much!

Special mention also goes to Caramel Expresso, Janey Macken Street and The Office Inbetweener, Sean Smithson I gotta hide your posts sometimes when I read them on the train, but they don’t half make me laugh!

Now lets have a party!! I love this tune, it always makes me feel upbeat, so I dedicate it to you lot, because You are My (WordPress) World!

30 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award!

  1. Aww thank you lovely. I need to catch up with these awards things, but they scare me a little. Leaving people out etc.
    You’re awesome. I love your blog and I definitely would consider you part of my lovely wordpress family. :)


  2. Congrats! You totally deserve it! And thanks :). Bmogging is really something wonderful. It sounds weird to say to not-blogegrs, but it actually feels like a bunch of friends who can totally make your day!


  3. Ahh you are too sweet – and too hilarious! And I am so grateful that YOU are part and parcel (sweets anyone?) of my WP Family :)

    Thanks so much – and yeah, we can be a rowdy bunch sometimes ;)

    Let’s party :)


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