Office Crimes and Misdemeanors!

An Office Full of Eejits
The Tinsel Twit will tell everyone within earshot, that she is bullied, and that the person who bullies her is yours truly.

I will tell everyone in earshot that I am bullied, and that the person who bullies me is the Tinsel Twit.

The Diamond Dancer says we are both dick heads and need to wise up!

The whole thing is hilarious to be  honest.  It’s a good job that all the fighting is only in jest.

The Tinsel Twit will sit like a little woodpecker for a period of 15 minutes, constantly rapping on my brain, peck, peck, peck and then when I can take no more and tell her to shut her cheeper, she starts to fake cry saying she’s being bullied. The woman is worthy of an oscar sometimes for her performances. She hides behind the computer screen, sniggering, fake crying and crossing her legs because she is on the very of edge of literally peeing her pants!! Everyone in the office then reprimands me and tells me it’s terrible how I bully poor wee Tinsel Twit, gawd love her, and I should be ashamed of myself. Then they all laugh, usually at me!

Just last week, when we (Tinsel Twit and I) came back from making coffee, we realised we had forgotten to make a cup for Speedy, so she says “She forgot about you, I’ll go and make you a cup now.” In she walks to the kitchen, hands his cup to me and says make Speedy tea, I’m away to the loo!” She’s crafty, she bullies me when no one is around.

When you were young did you ever have your lunch stolen by one of the older kids, well the Tinsel Twit is much better at it.  She has perfected her craft. She’ll sit and look at your food longingly telling you how hungry she is, her stomach in synch with the scam, growling in all the appropriate places. On a few occasions she has eaten half of mine and when I have remarked that I could have eaten another, her reply was “So could I, make sure you bring more tomorrow.” How could you not laugh at that!!

Seriously though, it’s all in jest and the laughter certainly lifts the mood and makes the day go quicker!

Actual bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated, I’ve been a victim of it and it’s not very nice!

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    • Thank you very much :-) I’ll have a look this weekend. I need to be careful though, last time I did one I got comment banned lol


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