Ode to Candy Crush

candycrushsagalogoCandy Crush is doing my head in,
This is the worst it’s ever been,
The baffling combinations,
Are turning me 50 shades of green.

No matter how I use the sweets,
Be it stripe or be it wrap,
The bombs they come a tumbling
And turn my hopes and dreams to crap.

It’s messing with my blood pressure
In fact its messing with my life,
Absailing down Niagra Falls
Wouldn’t give me this much strife.

But I’ve now found the solution,
It will ease the mess I’m in,
Toffette has been abandoned
And my Nexus 7’s in the bin!!

6 thoughts on “Ode to Candy Crush

  1. I bought square candy yesterday for the first time in my adult life…my usual favorite was right there too…
    I agree, I think that’s the point. Buy more square candy, easier and cheaper to ship, make, and box. Keep me stuffing my face, and wasting my time being anti social, and then, when I run out of candy and lives, I can get a new fix, by buying more lives, and magical candy and moves that will keep me and my friends and family pushing little colored squares around that, sometimes, make me FEEL like a genius, because the xilaphone sound went above human hearing capabilities and the dude says SUGAR CRUSH,,,again.
    Why is the suggested move, usually the worst move?


    • The suggested move is indeed sometimes a killer! Have you got to the whirl wind stage yet, they just fry my brain. No need to plan in advance because they just whip away the candy that was going to be your saving grace!
      I’m convinced that game is sending us subliminal messages!! Beware lol


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