Candy Crush Catastrophe!

img004I’m beginning to think that Candy Crush is a bigger epidemic than bird flu!

The number of hits I have had has been staggering, the wording of search terms amusing.

I have had hits from all over the world all asking the same thing, Candy Crush quests, why am I addicted to Candy Crush, more lives, new sweets…..its never ending! I’m starting to worry for the world as a whole, that we are being sucked into a huge sweetie coated vortex!

What if they start to send out subliminal messages via the game. Unwittingly we will be cast under a blanket spell, at the mercy of the kings at Candy Crush Zombies will start to appear in multi coloured clothing, chomping their way through everything in sight,  excreting striped, wrapped and spotted candies.

People will re name their houses things like, Chocolate Barn, Caramel Cove and Gingerbread Glade.

Tofette will become the most popular girls name ever.

Seriously people, it’s a game! Admittedly it is a very amusing and addictive one, but it is a game none the less.

People have racked up huge bills buying lives, boarding tickets and other candy crunching accessories. If you have Facebook you DO NOT have to pay for anything, you just need to have patience. One of the charms on my app costs £27.99. I was so horrified I removed my details from Play just in case I would accidentally hit the button and purchase one, I certainly would never intentionally pay that amount of money, I couldn’t afford to pay that amount of money!

It’s also made us very antisocial. We don’t sit around and talk anymore. We tap, sigh, point and poke away the hours. I’ve known couples to converse via text or even worse via Facebook.

Am I a Candy Crush addict? I’d say no, but isn’t that what all addicts say. I like to play to pass time, but not to waste time. My removal of mysself from Facebook and subsquetly out of my CC family has not caused  me any anxiety or extra grey hairs. I play my 5 lives and am quite content to wait until they refresh. I do however refuse to pay to board the mode of transport required to take me to the next level, for that I may indeed have to swallow my pride and return to Facebook.

My point, I don’t want to be a Candy Crush Zombie, I can take it or leave it, can you say the same?

3 thoughts on “Candy Crush Catastrophe!

  1. Tofette-absolutely hilarious!!:D Although I wouldn’t be opposed to living in a street by one of those names you suggested for the houses. I totally agree with you, it is addictive and whoever designed it at King did a very good job of making sure users return to the game. I’m not opposed to the game, and I’ve played several levels even though I’ve never beaten one. And I don’t mind, since I’m into platforming games much more than puzzle games. The money thing is what scared me though. I sure wouldn’t pay to get past that train platform either, seems kind of unfair for a free app. Also it does, like many other games and facebook in general, make people more antisocial in general. But it isn’t impossible to put it down, and like you said, you can wait until the lives are refreshed so you’re not constantly tapping the screen. Personally, I think Candy Crush should be available as a stand alone game in stores, charge people about $14.95 for it, and remove that half an hour waiting span and the need to play it on the internet. Maybe then I’d try it out. With the addictive music off:P
    I enjoyed reading this:D


  2. The money thing is just shocking, I think if I was to pay £27.99 for a charm my life would come to a sudden and abrupt end due to heart failure! I like it for traveling back and forward but it is starting to piss me off just now because level 345 is fecking impossible…or should that be impassable lol
    Thanks for the kind comments tho, they are much appreciated :)


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