Whiteout Wednesday #7

The blossoms of love form a mist.


The flowers white and star-shape; prolong the charm, producing a certain plumpness that was fashionable in plants

Katherine’s flower has stuck throughout the centuries.


I have no clue if I have done the Whiteout challenge correctly, but for my good friend who runs it I at least thought I would try :) Michael and his 10ft celery also piqued my interest. 

If you are interested too, please check here for all the details required to join in! 

Whiteout Wednesday 

5 thoughts on “Whiteout Wednesday #7

  1. Ahahhahhaaaaaaaaa it WAS the 10 foot celery! LOL – Leave it to Michael to get you hooked – and I have to say, your post when it showed up in my email made me think: WTF??? but in a totally good way …. so I was happy to read that you decided to play along too :D

    And yeah – you did just perfect on this :)

    The idea as you’ve correctly guessed, is the white out (basically edit) out the words and phrases as you see fit – taking or using as much or as little as you want – and seeing what happens. That’s the basic premise. But then, sometimes some of the players have so much fun, they can’t stop, and enter several times – all fine by me :D

    And then, if you really want to – you can always tinker some more – maybe rearrange the lines to suit – etc. add a few words here or there – or even slice and dice words to change as needs, i.e. “cold” could be edited to be “old” if it works better in your whiteout! So basically, that’s the gist – and I’m pretty easy with how people play – it’s just a fun way to take something existing and work it at least once, in a subtraction process – even if it isn’t “perfect or polished” or completely “sensical” – that’s the basics. Then- have fun – :)

    So yeah, this is totally perfect Jules :)

    You’re re-told a story :) And it’s great :)

    And I hope you’ll keep playing along from time to time. :)

    I search out different types of writing – and like I said, you can make of it whatever you want.

    So thank you and I hope you had some fun :)


      • my pleasure to play – and hey, no worries or pressure …. besides, you can always check out the “official” About WOW page and check out the past prompts – they are “technically” open for business even past the “due date.” ;)

        Anyhow …. whatever works for you my friend :)


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