Happy New Year


Most years I try to write something as one year passes into another and this year should be no different. It’s not that I am bitter or anything, but I certainly won’t be sad to see the back end of 2016.

This won’t be a long post as sadly tonight finds me suffering from some kind of bug or other, my second dose within the last month, which leaves me unable to stay upright for long periods of time. Certainly not the fresh start I hoped for 2017, but I’d be grateful to be proved wrong.

2016 was certainly a year of many ups and downs, not only in the world in general but also in my personal life. It wasn’t all bad, I finally made steps towards getting counselling which can only be a good thing, for my mental well being anyway. It was however the year we lost the Mothership after her battle with dementia. There is no doubt things are different, in fact sometimes it still does not feel real, but we just have to adjust and get on with things as best we can in the hope that each day gets easier. She certainly wouldn’t want me moping, so I need to give myself a good kick up the arse when I do. I hope the saying about time being a great healer is true.

In terms of blogging I have pretty much been absent this year, the first half being dominated by looking after Mum and then since November grieving for her, I wasn’t in the right head space to put very many words to paper. I’m not even going to promise that I will improve next year, I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

So let me wish you all a Happy New Year and here’s to 2017, let’s hope it’s better :)

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. You’ve had a tough year Juls there is no doubt. Time does heal its just there’s a lot of pain to be endured along the way and I don’t know how that can be made easier, you have to suffer it mate in order to come out the other side in some sort of mentally stable shape….but you are lucky you have us your blogging friends whom I’m sure shower you with love and encouragement since many of us have been through similar experiences to you….I just hope you maintain that gorgeous Irish humour you have….best wishes for 2017…


  2. I am so sorry that you had a tough last few months Juls. As you say, time is a healer, so I am looking forward to the wacky eejit showing herself when she is ready. Anyway, a happy New Year and I hope 2017 is a good one for you my friend <3 xox


  3. First off …. lots of hugs (((((Jules)))))

    and time, time and patience and lots of self-care …. this will help see and set you right next year ….and so, here’s really hoping that 2017 will be better, all across the board and in every way ….. for you and everyone, and I hope you “debug” yourself and take some time to rest as needed …. nothing like having sniffles and sneezles and pesky head-spins …. so bundle up and snooze ….



  4. some years are like that, aren’t they? Your year was full. I am so sorry to hear of your Mother’s passing. But, I am certain there are many things that you discovered about her while taking care of her that you will cherish. Thanks for these words, they blessed me.


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