What’s next?


This is my little space, this place right here. It’s been a long time since I actually looked at it on anything other than a mobile phone.

I’m sitting here tonight and Steve’s Radio show is playing in the background, the tweets are flying and my ears are being assaulted by Christmas music. It almost feels normal, even though I know deep down it’s not. The events of the last few months have taken their toll on me and I think I am only starting to realise it now.

I miss my friends here and the community and looking at my page and listening to Steve has reminded me of that, but I don’t think I am the same person that I was before and I am not sure what I am going to write here now. My counselling is teaching me that I no longer need to please others, I simply need to please myself. As a result of that do I let go and write what I want to, all those random and strange little thoughts that float around in my brain that no one else would understand….that I don’t even understand myself.

I don’t feel that giving up is an option, I like being here and if I can make just one person smile, laugh or feel something then I am content. I’ve said so many times before that nowhere else on the internet will you find such a diverse group of people who band together and stand together, helping people, sometimes without even realising it.

Someone asked me when I wrote the post about my Mum passing why I closed off the comments. I gave it some thought and explained that firstly, emotionally I was not going to be able to answer all the comments, I needed to write it and move on, and secondly, because I didn’t need people to put in writing what I knew they would be feeling.This community always has my back, have always had my back. I’ve been fixed when I was broken and been lifted when I fell. They have made me smile when I shed tears and shed tears when I was smiling. I just knew, and I didn’t know how to cope with what I knew was coming.

Things have changed. I miss my Mum and I am adjusting to life without her. It’s harder than I thought but I will get there. I am ready for life to go back to normal and for people to stop sympathising. I need space to breathe and gather my own thoughts. I need to get myself fully immersed back into work so I can go back to doing all the other little bits and pieces that need done.

New year, New me. How many times have I said that before. This time last year I was not in counselling so here’s hoping!

I have no idea what’s going to happen here, but I hope you stick around to find out. No matter what you can bet it’ll be a roller coaster, so buckle up bitches!

21 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Even though I do not fit into the ‘bitch’ role it is nice to think of myself as one of those who understand the grief you must be suffering or enduring or however you like to think of it. I was told when my dad died that I was in for a roller coaster of a ride emotionally and that is right…so all I would say is let it happen, go with it, its normal, you’ll come out the other side Juls….take care of you..


  2. roflmao@ Buckle up Bitches!!! …

    ahhh the uncensored sparks that still burn and lurk deep within your spirit and heart, and play hell’s bells in your head – LOVE it and you, of course.

    So since you’ve summed it all up pretty well …. I’ll just send you lots of hugs ((((((((((Jules)))))) and say, yeah, for as long as I’m around, I have your “6” and “9” and consequently “12 and 3” ….. so just take the time you need and know, I’ll never do a double-take when anything “weird” hits the pages here …. “weird [wtf does that mean by definition anyhow] is wonderful!” and so are you – just as you are, just as you learn to let yourself breathe and be, just who you are, …. so AS YOU ARE – SO BE IT!


  3. This space, no matter how we might use it for ourselves, lures us to be theatrical. It’s a public stage (unless you set it to private…however private that is). We may not consciously seek to entertain or please. But, we end up giving the audience some thought, eventually.

    And, if all we can do here is please ourselves, then I’d do just as well without the internet. Right? I mean, the internet is designed for transmission and communication around the globe (and beyond, I imagine). What good is it to spend it on ourselves?

    In short, you are continually in catharsis. And, it will last for some time. So, air your laundry as you need to do so. Don’t forget to breathe.


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