Remember Me!


It’s been so long since I’ve been here I’ve almost forgotten how to post. Ok so perhaps it’s not quite as drastic as that, but it has been a long time. I was happy to note however that there have not been too many more changes to the WordPress platform since my last visit, I was a tad worried.

So where have I been? Well I’ve been nowhere but right where I always am, I’ve just been caught up and getting squashed by life. We had a couple of really bad weeks with the Mothership meaning mentally I was not fit for any kind of interaction let alone writing. Every day it seems to be that a little more of my time becomes taken up with the things that need to be done, at this rate, there will be none left.

As far as Christmas goes I’m actually in fairly good shape. The Motherships cards are all written although it would seem she does not believe me, as every time a card is received she asks me at least ten times did they get one. Wonder no more why I hate the alleged season of being jolly, my good will meter is almost empty.

I’ve missed this place, but despite wanting to write and actually sitting down to write, nothing came to mind, mainly, because there were too many other things on my mind already.

I’m behind on reading too, sorry about that, again a combination of needing space and a rekindling of my love for Cookie Jam which has been keeping me amused on the journey to work. I also downloaded Candy Crush again, something I had not played much of since my leg recuperation days. I’ve lost most of my progress though and as a result am battling my way from the beginning, ripping my hair out in the process and wondering how I ever made it through these evil levels in the first place.

I have penned many posts previously in relation to my addiction to the above game, the search terms it generates, and the fact that some people play it naked….don’t even ask, but I swear this time, I am adopting a more level headed approach……I haven’t put it on my phone…..yet!

Anyway, I just though I would drop by, let you know I am still alive and give you a mini hi five, because you are after all, really rather awesome.

I’m hoping to get back to some normality soon, so see you on the flip side!

38 thoughts on “Remember Me!

  1. So nice to see you! And you give me hope that I may someday make an appearance again. I’m struggling to keep putting one foot in front of the other, but not a day (sometimes hour) goes by that I don’t “wish” I was posting on my blog. Now, I believe that it’s possible. So thank you, and see you soon! :-)


  2. Hi Juls, I hope you are doing ok despite the pressures of life impacting on you as they do….I do recall you as the lady who would write comments on my posts whilst travelling on the train….stay warm inside your woolly coat while we down under the world shed all said coats for the bare minimum of clothing as it hots up for us. You’ll be pleased to know that no matter how hot it gets we really don’t do naked terribly well unless you shut your eyes and use a lot of imagination….have a better week……its almost and Christmas and then its OVER!!


  3. Boy, I always miss you, Juls. I haven’t been on here at all the past week or so. Too much going on. Anyway, hang in there with it all….soon this season of jollity will be past and the Mothership will have to be more inventive in what she finds to complain about! LOL.


  4. You poor cartoon creature. That Mothership anchor is dragging you down into the abyss. I can see the dark water and bubbles speeding toward the surface. I can hear Adele belting out the theme to Skyfall. And, I can see you pulling a James Bond, freeing the chain from your ankle and swimming to safety. I can see another fate but would rather not.

    And, any time a video game gives you the slightest feeling it’s evil, wicked or dangerously addictive–I know I need to remind myself, as well–put it down. Put it away. Don’t give it a second thought. Just get away from it until you have, hopefully, someone next to you to play with. Because playing such games alone is like sitting with a bottle of strong liquor by yourself. It’s dangerous. I’ve been there. ‘Don’t want to do it anymore. Yet, I do. But, it needs to stop before something worse happens.


      • Good in the same sense an alchie describes a favorite drink? Oh, this scotch is really good…it’s so good it’s addictive…ish so goosh ish atiicvid. Is it still good when you crash into something? Or, when you lose precious sleep and can’t function the next day or lose your job?


      • Uuugh. I am just saying gaming can be like alcohol. I have had a few binges late at night that leave me groggy in the morning. It’s not quite a hangover…but it might as well be. I remember a commercial for WoW long ago, I think, in which the guy played so long he never changed his underwear. They finally show a wastebasket with dirty undies in the end, I think. But, that commercial has minimally stuck with me so I do not go that far. Still, I know and need to slap myself when a game starts to create that “suction” on the brain. Unless there is someone to go down with me and the ship, I need to get a life jacket and some sleep.


  5. I’m addicted to Candy Crush, CC Soda, Yahtzee and then discovered Panda Pop this weekend. I think I am set for my two week work break now!



  6. Stone the crows – you wrote my post! I too have been AWOL for too long and feeling guilty about not even caring, is that too awful, meh probably not. T’is the season to be jolly and forgiving too so I, with you, am going to kick back and as the song goes … let it snow, let it snow, let is snow, but I remembered I’m in the southern hemisphere where it doesn’t behave like that. Good to see you again :) Linda


    • Ah now you just had to tell me you were having good weather. Our forecasters sat this will be the mildest December for a long time, I hope they speak the truth, I’m doing enough slip sliding in my own without snow!
      Beautiful singing by the way, I will hear that tune now when I kick back and relax :)


  7. Well let’s not walk the crazy fine line of flipping over the flippin’ line unless absolutely necessary! Eh!

    I’ve been thinking about you Juls … and wondering about the Xmas card debacle and the parental units …. I’m sorry to hear it’s been particularly more difficult with the mothership …. never never an easy road to walk …

    as for you just barely hanging in there …. no need to apologize …. just make sure you find time to take care of you in the mash up of it all … even if that means falling into bed with chocolate smeared all over your face …. because you need to rest in order to try to keep up …

    so sending you tons of hugs and great thoughts and all the really wonderful ideas of vacations from the crazy fair grounds … because seriously … who wants to be dizzy all of the time! ;)



  8. Oh dear, I see I’m a little slow in responding and so may have missed you again. Well, I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, whether you’re blogging at the moment or not. :)


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