A rant about reading!

Burning Sun

This post will probably be quite short, there’s also more than a slight possibility that it’s going to be a rant. Brace yourselves.

For a long time now and in many posts I have lamented the fact that it is almost impossible sometimes to keep up with reading on WordPress. The sheer volume of amazing content and posts is astounding sometimes, blogs I follow can between them export up to 30 posts a day. This last two weeks I’ve found work extremely difficult due to a whole host of changes taking place. At night by the time everyone was fed and all the dishes done I had no energy left for anything other than plonking myself in front of the TV and there I stayed until I dragged my sorry arse up to go to bed.

The train WiFi was also being an arse most likely due to the fact that schools and technical colleges have returned for the new term and the passenger levels on the train have tripled.  There was a few times I nearly lost my phone, mainly because I wanted to heft it out the window.

I got behind on my reading.

There are two main ways I try to keep up, one would be the WordPress reader and the other Bloglovin. The former used to be great and then it was updated and started skipping and missing huge chunks of posts for no reason, at that point I moved most of the blogs I follow into Bloglovin. It was great, it easily filled in the chunks that I was missing. Then they updated it too and now neither of the two work that well. Don’t get me wrong, I can still read posts in both, WP reader will allow me to do all the things I need to, it just seems to be selective about which posts it shows. Bloglovin on the other hand seems to show all posts, but will not allow me to either like or comment, instead it just hangs on a white page. It is extremely frustrating.

Moral of the story and a note to the creators of both readers – If it’s not broke, don’t feckin fix it!

51 thoughts on “A rant about reading!

  1. So.. I thought it was just my reader.. it really does suck to find out weeks later that you missed someone’s post! Uggh so frustrating..


  2. Yeah, but you can’t stop progress and whatnot. Just because it no longer works doesn’t mean it isn’t “the future” :-)
    I channel the blogs I read (and more importantly, have two-way interactions with) into a gmail account I set up just for blogging. That way I can turn email notifications on and off easily without “unfollowing”, allowing me to keep things manageable :-)


  3. The fault, dear Eejit, lies not in the reader, but in ourselves! In “Settings”/ “reading”/ WP bloggers have the choice of allowing how many posts appear in their feeds–includes reader, and bloglovin and others. (Blogger has the same ability.) Suppose a daily blogger has this set to 3. On the fourth blog, when it is posted, his first blog will disappear in all feeds, as that is what he set. In 7 days 4 posts will disappear. If you did not view his posts in reader the first few days before the fourth post posted, the first post is lost, and so forth. A daily blogger needs to set a higher number of feed posts–7 at least. It is no surprise you could “lose” many posts from high volume posters because of this. You have to view everyday, or, create a “dedicated to blog post updates” email address, and have all post updates sent to it. The rule does not have any effect on emails. You would lose nothing that way. You could check any post out at your leisure.

    The next setting gives you the choice of displaying in your feed full text or summary. From experience I found if you select a high number of feeds and full text, you fill the reader ‘cache” and your newest post may not update at all!!! I have gone back, adjusted my feed setting, and the new post pops out. You don’t want to set “30+” full text feeds! In fact, I recommend the text “summary” setting as well. It helps alleviate the problems, and forces readers to visit your blog directly if they want to see more. You’re tempting the cats who run the internet to shut the reader down for jamming a large number of posts down their throats. Others will not see you. You know how often you post, and can select for yourself a reasonable number to show on feedreaders, so people do not miss you. As far as other bloggers are concerned, they are in control of the problem of missing feedreader posts, whether they know it or not. Cursing WP or bloglovin will not help, but it may make you feel better! Like your “picture” on here by the way.

    I’m not saying Reader and Bloglovin are not broke; I’m just saying that I don’t see them working improperly myself. They may be working as they are supposed to work, based on user settings..

    PS I have a silly cat blog, and not a technical computer blog. If you want more computer advice, please don’t click on me–you won’t find it there! Search the web with your questions. Thank you.


    • lol That’s great information, thank you, and it certainly explains the problem of missing posts.
      Blog lovin however never misses posts, yet in their android App I can no longer like posts and commenting is oftentimes difficult too.
      I know things have to move with the times, but sometimes it feels like too much change too soon, if they spoon fed up in dribs and drabs we’d probably never notice lol


  4. There is a lot of good content about and keeping up is a mission. I too find work gets in the way of my blogging life which is so much more than posting. I find chocolate and pink bubbles help when things go awry.


  5. I don’t know about “amazing content.” That sounds like late night TV publicity, to me. But, YES, keeping up with “the reader” here is next to impossible when you “follow” so many people you meet. Maybe it’s a lesson in living we have yet to grasp. Hmm? Maybe translating what we do in person to a digital format is not possible. This could be an eye-opener.

    We can’t intercept every “tweet,” toot or holler from every living being we grow to like just a tiny bit. Yet, in this digital world, if we stick a sticker on someone. Whoa! What’s that? Is that 08613556 talking again? I am trying to sleep! Dammit! Can someone…? Oh, wait, I paid for that service to keep me informed every time. Crap.

    I cannot spend this much time in two blog worlds at once. Heck, it wasn’t so long ago when I thought blogs were as useless as laser disks and didn’t want anything to do with them. Now, I’ve started two. But, here is where I am focused.

    I can imagine these trains with all the people using WiFi…the world isn’t ready for that, yet. And, when it is, God help the brain waves. I have written fiction of such disasters. It’s not good. It’s like sticking everyone’s head in a microwave on high. Scrambled brains, anyone?


    • I believe there is amazing content. You obviously don’t follow the same blogs as me lol
      Phones makes us anti social but when the WiFi is not working no one talks anyway, so moot point :)

      Right now, trying to catch up, well it’s like running up the track after my train lol


      • I probably follow different posts, yea. And, I am not saying what I “follow” isn’t “amazing,” but, I guess, I just don’t get excited, anymore. When the power goes out, when the PC malfunctions, when life knocks you off your chair and gives you a mechanical arm, what does “amazing online content/data” really mean or how do yo value it? It’s not paying the bills (for us, anyway). And, if I was married, I doubt it would be keeping us lovers together.


  6. This is the story of my life, and not just when it comes to blogging. Yahoo Mail, iTunes, Google Maps, Word, Minecraft (my, er, kids love it) — I’ve lost count of the times that some company has taken a product that functioned perfectly well, start smashing it to pieces with a baseball bat and then release the resulting mess as an update.


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