I drank your Cappuccino!

If I was having coffee

I’ve seen the If we were having coffee posts going on for a while now, I had a look back, but I can’t find a recent one to link back to, so thank you to the person who’s idea this is. I’ve never before done one of these, but I have a few bits and bobs to share so figured that now was  as good a time as any, hide your cappuccino’s people, here I come!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it is exactly three years ago today since I hurt my leg. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed, most days it still feels like yesterday. While swapping things over on my mobile phone, I came across notes I had made on Evernote regarding my progress, how far my leg was bending, how physio was going and some pictures of Alien leg. At the time I thought I would never be the same, in some ways I was right, I’m not the same, I can’t do a lot of the things I used to and I have to live with pain, but I am walking and as normal as I will ever be. It goes to show that the things that knock you off your feet are just steps that need negotiated. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, we get up and we get on, and we adapt to the new situation.

If we were having coffee I’d probably be on my second cup by now and half way through a caramel square, because that’s how I roll. I’d have my phone out and I’d be showing you the stats on my blog, completely amazed at the fact I have reached 900 followers. You’d probably tell me that clearly those people lead very boring lives if they find me interesting and I’d totally agree, but I’d tell you that I love them all, and they have made life more livable on more than one occasion.

You’d also notice and point out the fact that I had now moved on to a piece of cake and I’d tell you that’s because I am hungry. I had amazing plans to make some nice stewed steak with carrots and gravy but it didn’t quite work out. Being polite you’d ask me why and I would tell you that my crock pot was broken so I had to order a new one which arrived on Friday. I was quite excited and eagerly opened the box, which was rather large for a slow cooker, only to find a suitcase. I actually had to ask the Fathership if my eyes were deceiving me because I couldn’t quite believe it myself, but sadly they were not, it was most definitely a bright blue suitcase. W T absolute F! I can’t cook in that says I and gets straight on the phone. Needless to say it’s going back and I am going hungry!

Last but not least I’d tell you that I saw the RAF Red Arrows for the first time (that I can remember) in my life. Quite a sight. The Mothership may forget many things, but never the men in the red planes. Even though she hated us (the Fathership and I) because we took her out of her normal routine and could hardly see them, because they were quite small and hard to follow from where we were, when she saw the signature smoke trails she cried and waved. She was never going to let on she enjoyed it though or was happy we took her, she was way to pissed off for that. Sometimes you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, so all you can do it try and hide from the aftermath!

It’s at this point I’d pay my bill and ask you same time next week?

47 thoughts on “I drank your Cappuccino!

  1. I didn’t know about your alien leg Juls. One legged hopscotch isn’t much fun. The Red Arrows are great, they were at Silverstone today for the Formula One. :D <3


  2. Caramel square and cake? I’m not much for coffee, but I’d definitely join you for that :)

    That’d be so funny about the suitcase if it hadn’t put you out a few days on the crockpot!


  3. This is an awesome post Jules! Loved every – e.v.e.r.y. single word. :D :D :D

    That’s a 3-star rating that – or maybe I should make it five? :D :D :D :D :D

    Time flies eh, 3 years ago in May I was harassed out of my job – which led to my meltdown – which was coming anyhow – and yet we go on. Hobbled perhaps, but we move forwards, learning some valuable lessons along the way.

    A suitcase? Seriously? Did they screw up the shipping labels of what????

    Glad that you had an outing – sorry to hear that Mothership was/is of 2 minds about it – maybe she’ll come round and cool off – either way, you just have to do the best you can with each moment – as trying as it may be – and well – let’s face it – you have an incredibly amazing sense of humor and perspective – that at least can turn it around – and make us all smile. :)

    As for followers – well – hell – 900 seems and is just awesome. You Rock Jules! Conrats. :D


  4. Oh I would so have coffee with you. I’d hang the loop of my collar on your voice and let it carry me as far as it could, I’d listen to your woes and wishful thoughts, and then I’d trade you mine. I’d tell you I know it’s not the same but it’s been almost two months since I injured my foot and the pain still hasn’t disappeared; and that I’m afraid I might never be able to run for fun again. Instead, I’m trying to fight age with a training regimen designed for MMA fighters, but I’m not sure it’s going to leave me in a state where I can wear my old clothes again. Oh well, say “la vee”.


    If we were having coffee though, I’d match your caramel square and cake, because that’s how I roll too, and we might as well roll as a gang. :)

    Sorry about your crock pot though!


    • Not only do I have a wonky top box, but I now have a wonky crock pot too lol
      I hope your foot does mend, for me as much as you, I mean who’s going to give me a good kick up the arse when I need it lol
      Hopefully, someday that coffee will happen :)

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  5. Now that the Boat Anchor is gone there’s talk of Mom and I coming your direction next year for my 40th birthday. Perhaps we’ll be able to have coffee in person. :)


  6. Oh, I loved these posts when they were going around…..I’m so glad you’re reviving them and filling us in. Little bits and bobs make a most interesting post! Congrats on yet another milestone in the blogosphere. Congrats on coming so far with the leg in just 3 short years. Congrats on making it back to the blogosphere with some regular posts. I’ve most enjoyed your return…can’t tell you how much. And yep…sign me up…..same time, next week!


    • I’m not going to make same time this week lol I have absolutely nothing exciting to say, as weeks go it’s been fairly humdrum lol
      But I suppose when I look back I have come quite far, perhaps that’s something I should remember when I am berating myself for feeling behind :)


      • Same here….I’ve been uninspired as of late…..too busy and yet nothing to post about…..will get there I guess……hang in there with things…I’m just glad you’re back on here fairly often….every comment/post is a gift straight to me!


  7. Oh I would be matching you latte for cappuccino, but would have to pass on the caramel square as much as I love them. The Red Arrows are brilliant aren’t they? I saw them years ago as a child but still remember how wonderful they were even back then.
    How wonderful to have 900 followers and it is absolutely no surprise to me that you do! :-)


  8. If yer packing that many sweets over coffee while showing me blog stats, I would lose my appetite and start looking out the cafe windows. :) Blog stats? Yaaaawn.

    How about iced coffees to help beat the heat and give us that cheerful boost we need to think creatively and forget our alien parts?


    • Lol you would debt me my moment of being happy that people like my writing enough to follow me, that’s mean lol
      Iced coffee, let me think….. Ummm nope, don’t get it, for me coffee has to be warm lol but we cab most certainly think creatively to banish the alien lol


      • And, for me, it’s the opposite. I’ve tried a few hot coffees but didn’t enjoy them. I gave iced coffee a try a few years back, and I’ve enjoyed the hazelnut variety since. It can be a bit of a high if I drink too much, though. So, I have to nurse those 32 oz. cups at McD’s.


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