Coffee Anyone?


If we were having coffee I’d probably just hand you a list of updates because these days I am finding that it’s the only way I can effectively remember things. Lists of groceries, lists of things to do, lists of bills to pay to name just a few,

I’d gratefully sip the cappuccino I bought, I need a good hit of coffee today as I’m feeling a little shaky, probably due to the bad dreams and lack of sleep. Didn’t see those coming and I have no idea why they are, but any dream with an ex in it is usually bad.

I’d tell you I’ve been off for a few days and it’s been nice, but that I am filled with dread at the thought of having to go back to work tomorrow, I’ve kind of enjoyed living the last few days at a slower pace. Still the same anxiety, but perhaps not such a strong grip.

Conversation will most likely turn to WordPress and blogs and I’ll explain that I am a little miffed at all the changes being made to a platform that functions just fine without them. I’ll curse people who feel a need to fix things which are not broken and change things that are just fine as they are. I’d say I’ve missed a few posts lately between Bloglovin and The Reader because sometimes they just like to be a right royal pains in my posterior!

With glee I would tell you that I am quite possibly…actually almost certainly addicted to Nashville. People had been telling me it was good but I just never got around to checking it out for myself. When I did it was a little like a series watching hoe down in a barn, once I had started I just could not stop. That said, I have only made it to the end of Series Two so please do not fill in any of the blanks for me just yet.

There I’d have to leave you because I have just noticed the next thing on my list is to leave out clean clothes for work. I’d thank Part-Time Monster for giving us a reason to meet up in the first place and encourage you to share some stories of your own.

Till next time Eejits :)

I drank your Cappuccino!

If I was having coffee

I’ve seen the If we were having coffee posts going on for a while now, I had a look back, but I can’t find a recent one to link back to, so thank you to the person who’s idea this is. I’ve never before done one of these, but I have a few bits and bobs to share so figured that now was  as good a time as any, hide your cappuccino’s people, here I come!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it is exactly three years ago today since I hurt my leg. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed, most days it still feels like yesterday. While swapping things over on my mobile phone, I came across notes I had made on Evernote regarding my progress, how far my leg was bending, how physio was going and some pictures of Alien leg. At the time I thought I would never be the same, in some ways I was right, I’m not the same, I can’t do a lot of the things I used to and I have to live with pain, but I am walking and as normal as I will ever be. It goes to show that the things that knock you off your feet are just steps that need negotiated. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, we get up and we get on, and we adapt to the new situation.

If we were having coffee I’d probably be on my second cup by now and half way through a caramel square, because that’s how I roll. I’d have my phone out and I’d be showing you the stats on my blog, completely amazed at the fact I have reached 900 followers. You’d probably tell me that clearly those people lead very boring lives if they find me interesting and I’d totally agree, but I’d tell you that I love them all, and they have made life more livable on more than one occasion.

You’d also notice and point out the fact that I had now moved on to a piece of cake and I’d tell you that’s because I am hungry. I had amazing plans to make some nice stewed steak with carrots and gravy but it didn’t quite work out. Being polite you’d ask me why and I would tell you that my crock pot was broken so I had to order a new one which arrived on Friday. I was quite excited and eagerly opened the box, which was rather large for a slow cooker, only to find a suitcase. I actually had to ask the Fathership if my eyes were deceiving me because I couldn’t quite believe it myself, but sadly they were not, it was most definitely a bright blue suitcase. W T absolute F! I can’t cook in that says I and gets straight on the phone. Needless to say it’s going back and I am going hungry!

Last but not least I’d tell you that I saw the RAF Red Arrows for the first time (that I can remember) in my life. Quite a sight. The Mothership may forget many things, but never the men in the red planes. Even though she hated us (the Fathership and I) because we took her out of her normal routine and could hardly see them, because they were quite small and hard to follow from where we were, when she saw the signature smoke trails she cried and waved. She was never going to let on she enjoyed it though or was happy we took her, she was way to pissed off for that. Sometimes you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, so all you can do it try and hide from the aftermath!

It’s at this point I’d pay my bill and ask you same time next week?