I’ve said it before, but…

This last week I returned to some kind of normality with regards to blogging, both reading and writing. It felt good. It reminded me how much I miss it.

Whilst reading this week I came across a lot of posts from writers thanking their followers or giving us, the reader an insight as to why they started blogging in the first place.

One such post was the wonderful I Am A Thief by J T Carlton, and it was while leaving a comment that I got thinking about the wonder that is the world of the blog.

We all start for various reasons, be it a form of therapy, entertainment, a break from boredom or the sheer relief of expelling the thoughts from our heads into a different type of receptacle. No one knows what to expect, especially in the early days when things are a little slow to start and tentative alliances are being formed.

I know for me, there were days when I wanted to give up because I really did feel like a small fish in a big pond. Even though I started writing for myself, I cannot deny that those little notifications were a delight, pushing me towards wanting to be more than I had originally thought.

If we tried to explain to outsiders, those who do not blog, the relationships that we forge as a result of writing and being part of a community, they would find it hard to understand. They would perhaps berate us for talking to strangers, because after all as children, that is what we are taught not to do.

The internet is a scary place and as such, it should be treated with caution. It’s OK to put yourself out there, but first and foremost, never lose sight of who you are and always trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Gut feeling is a remarkable addition to this so called life.

Still though, despite all the barriers, we start to gain followers and form friendships and the art of blogging soon becomes more than we ever imagined it could. I have become a square in the patchwork quilt that is WordPress, not overly important, but essential all the same, because all our little squares, well we keep the whole thing together.

I’m never going to be an amazing writer, I am under no illusions, but that doesn’t matter because for me, it’s all about the community.

Life is hard, more so for some than others. I often wonder when I read the posts of some I follow how they can even carry on, yet still they do, with a strength and spirit that is nothing short of superhuman, even if they do not realise it themselves.

I can’t always interact, sometimes I become so emotionally invested in my own life that I have nothing left to give but on those days I still read and ‘like’ where I can. Slowly but surely the craft that is the words of others pulls me to the surface, have you met my followers, seriously, what’s not to love. I am extremely blessed.

So I too am going to thank my friends here, even though I know I can never convey in words just how they all make me feel.

Thank you for making me feel accepted and a part of something amazing. Thank you for loving me just exactly as I am, flaws and all. Thank you for being there and bringing me sunshine on the darker days, laughter on the sad ones and virtual hugs just when I needed them most. You have been an inspiration and my life is better because you chose to weave your way in.

I’ve said it before, but…..thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

47 thoughts on “I’ve said it before, but…

  1. Juls, your wonderful! I’ve always wanted to do this (and in the future I am going to take a few moments to sit down and write a big thank you, just like you did here), but you’ve done it! Believe me, it shows how thoughtful you are, and it conveys to your readers and commenters what they mean to you. I know my readers mean an awful lot to me and I need to take the time to let them know it. This will motivate me in that direction. :O)


  2. Hi Juls, this was a great post. You are right there are some superhumans out there and I like you stand in awe of them. Where I write story they are advocating for causes and giving voice to issues beyond my life experience. In my two years of blogging I have met some truly remarkable people, many doing it tough in so many ways that I often think I’m a fraud commenting on issues I know very little about. But I see us all using our blogs for our own reasons and as such we do what we can to encourage each other. That’s for making me think about what I do. Have a great day.


  3. Very well said!

    It’s funny…I mentioned in another comment today that when you tell someone you are friends with a blogger, or met through blogging, you get “the look”. I wonder why that is? Sure, you have to use some caution and common sense about what you share, with whom, and if you choose to share outside of here…but that’s the way it goes for everything this day and age. People buy houses and cars, find jobs, and set dates with someone they hope to maybe marry and have kids with one day. Why is it difficult for people to “get” these connections lead to genuine friendships?

    Not that I care what anyone thinks. I am glad you are blogging, and glad that I found you here <3 :-)


    • Likewise, I’m glad I found you too and would hands down class you as a friend. Others be damned, we know best, but I know the look to which you refer lol I have seen it often! Thank you for being you, because you is amazing.


  4. What a lovely post. I am proud to be a part of this patchwork quilt as well, This community we have here is something really special. Thank you too, for making me laugh with your funny posts, and moving me with your heartfelt posts. I am really glad to have met you, and actually I do think you are a very good writer as it happens! :-)


  5. We are all so dynamically connected – and you’ve said it brilliantly (not a writer my arse – did you know – there are many types and forms of writing and writers – and you don’t have to pigeon-hole yourself?)
    ” I have become a square in the patchwork quilt that is WordPress, not overly important, but essential all the same, because all our little squares, well we keep the whole thing together. ”

    Yup – integral – and important and wonderful and we are so lucky we have you – just as it works the other way around.

    So wobble weeble on – we work we laugh we play we cry and sometimes, yes, we even die – a thousand deaths in what we share – but there is always someone somewhere who shows up and offers us cheer – :D

    Hugs to you friendly Eejit – ‘cos you be amazing:D


    • As are you MJ, you have been an integral part of my journey and I’m so glad you decided to come along. You I class as a writer, a proper writer so much so, that I feel my rough little comments would do the posts an injustice, but I read, I always read and am in awe. Thanks for being my friend x

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      • Oh hell – comment away – always as you wish – however and whatever it means to you – no need for fancy schmanchy anything …. the important thing really – at the end of the day – we have an awesome friendship – Juls – you are awesome :D


  6. You know, I think I can’t top any of these other comments, but if you look closely, I think you’ll see, they’re all saying what we all know…..you are the top of the heap, girl! I love your quilt analogy and I have no idea where you got the idea you couldn’t write…..somehow I think there are a whole lot of things you don’t give yourself enough credit for. But this post is so you…..every little thing I love about you and then some! I’m so glad we’re part of this quilt together!


    • Me too, you’ve been nothing short of an inspiration for me, to me and thank you for that. Both you and MJ always have this knack of knowing exactly what to say to lift me up and I’m grateful.
      Glad to have you around :) x

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      • Goes both ways, Juls….you’ve made me laugh when I was down on more than one occasion……it’s just what friends do! :)


  7. First of all I never knew your name was Juls. Just where I have been to not know that I’ve no idea, but there you go.

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this post. Although I’ve, as yet, never met another blogger, I’ve grown a community and become part of communities on here which I consider to be some of my best friends. Just goes to show what the power of writing really does have.


      • You’re exactly right. I’m meeting up with a group of bloggers, for the first time, in London in August. Considering I have never met any of them before but beacuse I have got to know them on here, I’m wondering just how shy we will all be on that day?


  8. I love the community of blogging, it is lovely when you start to really get to know other bloggers, and, of course I love that cheap thrill I get when that icon goes orange.


  9. Aww, when I started blogging late last year, I knew virtually nothing about the fantastic community that existed alongside it. You are certainly an integral part of that yourself ❤ I hope you are still finding lots of joy in your writing x


  10. I’m with you Juls, the blogging community is what keeps me going. I’ve met so many awesome people (online and in the flesh from) from blogging, including your awesome self! :)


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