Well what do you know!


I made it to Sunday, who knew! It was a rough week, there were more ups and downs than a roller coaster, but I came down a hill, turned a corner and it’s Sunday! There are sadly downsides, the main one being that tomorrow is Monday and I have to go back to work. That said I am not going to complain too loudly, there has been a lot of talk about public sector job losses so best to hang on in there while I still can.

This was the week of the Motherships tablet change, it started well and gave me hope that things were not going to be as bad as I anticipated. Sadly as the week went on the situation deteriorated and she went into orbit a few times, with a spectacular flight yesterday, nothing but her little feet hanging from the ceiling. I did what I do best and cried, because after a week of it I was just sick to the back teeth of the whole fucking thing to be honest. Couple that with colder weather and a blast of leg pain and I was ready for the hills only I was in no fit state to run. Thank goodness for friends who know just the right things to say to spread a moment of calm on an unusually shit situation. I owe you one David, I needed that smile :)

Work was surprisingly ok, I still can’t get used to the idea of calling myself a personal secretary and every time someone else says it I’m looking round like a twit to see who else is in the room. Perhaps someday I will grow up to be the person I am meant to be, until that time however I’m still an eejit, albeit a little better dressed than normal!

I had the pleasure of hosting Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Challenge this week, and there is still time if you would like to enter, all the information can be found HERE!

Mental Mama and I had a very brief chat and rather than cancel the Cartoon Craziness Challenge altogether, we’re going to put it to sleep for a little bit. Everyone has been so busy of late that there is no point heaping anymore onto already overloaded plates. If you still have themes or ideas for it let me know :)

Well I do believe that is it, you’re all up to date and clued into the latest saga’s of the eejit!

Till next time :)

16 thoughts on “Well what do you know!

  1. Crazy week, right?

    I am glad the Cartoon Challenge isn’t gone forever; it’s this last part of the year I think that is crazy for everyone. :-)


  2. Am so glad to hear from you with a new post! You’ve been so busy trying to keep it all going lately that I have to say I’m glad you are giving the Cartoon Challenge a rest…but please, keep on drawing when you can on your posts, because we always look forward to them! Sorry about the mothership and the technological defects…..I think alot of us are in the same boat with parents of zero ability with gadgets..my mother thinks her computer can catch her cold (virus, get it?). Hang in there with it. If the old device is gone then she’s got no choice but to adjust. She’ll calm down eventually. Sounds though like you need a some good old-fashioned ME time. Wish I was there and I could take you out for the day for a bit of retail therapy or just escape-from-Alcatraz-time. Take care of yourself.


    • You’re such an eejit! This comment made me laugh and so will you when I tell you why! It’s not that kinda tablet, it’s actually ones you have to swallow, my Mum has Dementia. (I actually just fell off the chair) You’re a treasure :)


      • HAHHAHA! OMG. HOW FUNNY. I guess I’m thinking of my own parents..they only seem like they have dementia when it comes to technology…..sorry about that. Actually, your problem could be easier to solve..you could maybe switch up the pills to something that makes her sleepy! :)


  3. Personal secretaries are the best! Just remember that the person you work for couldn’t do his or her job without you! Hope the down sides turn into more up sides for you real soon ; )


  4. Sorry it’s been rough for you lately as well. I hope Monday is a little smoother. I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to go or not.

    I did just have an interesting idea for the next cartoon challenge when we decide to do one again – what should be on your dartboard? As in, what picture would you put up to aim your darts at? Maybe?


  5. Hang in there Juls – hang in there! You made it – and that is a super accomplishment – yeah, so you need an extended vay-cay —- hear ya! But just take it slowly – better to walk (or unfortunately in our cases – hobble) slowly than run. Besides, it means you get to take in the scenic route along the path to crazyville ;)

    Hope you’re week goes much better – Miz. Personal Secretary!


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