Cosmic Musicology Test – Comin at ya early!

Steve New Music Challenge

Woo hoo, it’s all very exciting, the Cosmic Captain himself, Steve from Steve Says, is for one week only letting me host his brilliant quiz the Cosmic Musicology Test. Why, I hear you ask yourselves, well because he can’t be bothered thinks I am brilliant is the answer. He’s set the bar high, I have to prove my worth and meet targets, so you’re more than welcome to join in any week, but especially this week to prove to him I am worth my shot in the spot light.

For anyone who has not played the challenge before, here is a refresher of the instructions:

For each test the host will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

Title your post “Cosmic Musicology Test:…” and link back to that week’s page.

Post your response in the comment section of that week’s page.

Any suggestions for future questions welcomed! Just make sure you leave them on Steve’s page, not this one.

Take a look at all the previous weeks in the Archives or by clicking  “Cosmic Musicology” in the category cloud on Steve’s page.

If you’d like to host one in the future, get in tough with Steve and beg, he’ll give in eventually :)

On to this weeks questions and my answers:

1. I think I am? – Team by Lorde – I do think I am a team, especially here. It’s like a family and I would have nothing if it were not for my followers, many of whom have become friends. Team Eejit, I like that, you in?

2. You think I am?Freedom by the Housemartins – Do you think I’m freedom from the housework and the chores, from the nagging voice of your boss, from the laundry and anything else that ties you up. Am I 5 minutes of putting your feet up and reading a load of oul tripe? If I am, that’s fine by me :)

3. We should be?Ticks & Leeches by Tool – Ah ffs, there is always one isn’t there. Hmmm ok, we’re ticks because for some people we tick all the right boxes and for others not so many. Do what you do, you will never please everyone. We’re leeches because every day we learn and  suck in the knowledge of our friends and fellow bloggers and you know what, that’s fine, as long as it makes us more Ticks than Leeches!

Go on, give the quiz a try, you know you want to!!

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