Back to reality…

Back to Work

This is kinda how I feel about going back to work tomorrow, I am a little bit traumatised to say the least. Why oh why did I ever think I was going to like the idea of going back on a Friday….seriously….WTF was I thinking!

I was rather unproductive on my three days off, well apart from one where I went to visit some friends, that actually felt like the first slice of normality I have had in a long time and cheered me up me no end.

Today was a trip to the hospital with my Dad to visit an Opthalmic surgeon, who asked me if I wanted to look through his eye machine..oo er Mrs! I did take him up on his kind offer, however I couldn’t see much, but then neither could the Fathership, hence the reason for his visit. He’s got something that is both really hard to pronounce and spell, so I am not even going to try but here’s my easier explanation as I interpreted it:

  • The fathership has an alien being in his eye.
  • It was small, but now it is growing and spreading a little red blanket across the cornea.
  • Dr Who? (no he’s not called that, I just don’t know his name) is going to blast and scrape the beastie before burning it out by the roots.
  • Mass clean of eyeball and off you go.

I either fainted or tuned out, I am not sure, but that’s the general jist of the whole thing. Sorry if your squeamish but there was no way I was suffering this shit alone.

Being back in the hospital reminded me of the whole Alien Leg saga and the countless hours I wasted waiting for appointments. The system seems to be that you are alloted a time for your appointment, but there is a three hour buffer around it. I’m not complaining though, because the service today and back then was first class as always.

It’s funny looking back now though, as I said to the Fathership today, I am never going to forget the accident because I am reminded of it every time I take a step, however it’s no longer the major trauma that it once was. It seems like it happened in another lifetime, the reality is, it was only two years ago. Eventually you have to file it under ‘Feck it’ and carry on.

The Mothership has an appointment on Monday so I am expecting a turbulent weekend as the stress starts to build, but I can always live in hope.

I still have no C³ drawing done, but then neither has anyone else so I’m not feeling too guilty and I will attempt to get it done before Sunday. I’ve had a sneak peak of Mama’s on Bakebook though and it’s looking mighty fine, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Well that’s about it, I am totally wrecked and need some sleep, I have to be up early to sellotape the sides of my mouth up into a smile for the start of the working day!

Goodnight eejits :)

16 thoughts on “Back to reality…

  1. You certainly do cram alot of stuff into just 3 days off….visiting friends, getting Fathership to the doc, making yourself understand what’s happening to said Fathership, prep for the Mothership’s appointment, remembering horrible experience of your own, blogging, encouraging other bloggers, and even planning sellotape stickiness the night before so as to be the ultimate Stepford employee. You are awesome. Going back to work on a Friday actually a very good thing… can act like you care for a few hours and then have another whole weekend off! As a matter of fact, I’m thinking you should aim for working ONLY Fridays!

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  2. Mama’s is still not done either, primarily because PAIN. I was poking around it earlier to see if it was still hot enough to fry eggs on and managed to graze it in such a way as to land myself on the floor on my arse. Anyway, I’m hoping for a calm tomorrow for both of us and a pleasant weekend.

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  3. I’ll be thinking of you. At least you get a weekend after tomorrow, but yeah, it might have been nice to have just planned to return on Monday! Best of luck to you! I hope the Mothership can handle herself better this time. We can hope. :-)

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  4. Ah, eye surgery! My beau had a cataract done a couple of years ago. With that one, they cut up the lens and pretty much flush the pieces out with mild fluid pressure from a saline thingy, after cutting a flap in the cornea. I’m not squeamish, I actually wanted to stay and watch, but it does make you think of “Andalusian Dogs.”

    I’m going to go read the Alien Leg saga now, in fact, medical hobbyist that I am. I hope everyone does well.


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