C³ – Week Nine!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

Well would you look at that! I managed the baby 3, thank you very much to Mr Surf Report himself Rob who had the smarts to give it to me in the simplest language possible meaning that I was eventually able to do it. The fact that it took a few thousand goes is neither here nor there.

Now before we get to the matter at hand, which,  as can be quite clearly seen from the banner is the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, I need to tell you people that I am excited. If you’ve followed me for a while you will know that I am a woman who likes her music. This past year when I was doing anything on the computer and wanted background music my go to album of choice was Alt-J An Awesome Wave, and in just 7 days time they are releasing a new album called “This is all yours”. If you have never heard of Alt-J check out the song Hunger on the Pine on Youtube, although if you’re squeamish I wouldn’t watch the video :)

Ok back to the challenge, the last one was ‘Build a Burger’, and it would seem out of the usual crew that I was the only one who didn’t actually build a burger, and it was my fecking idea too, how bad am I. These amazing people however, did rustle up some treats:

what the hell? is it Tuesday or Monday or what? | Mental in the Midwest

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Build a Burger? | heretherebespiders

Lunchtime Cartoon Challenge | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Challenge — Build-a-Burger | Rob’s Surf Report

Thank you to you all, and if you’re looking at this little post in disgust because I missed your name, feel free to let me know by giving me a boot up the backside!

So what have we in store for your this fortnight. I have had a few ideas submitted, however this one was suggested by at least two people, so the theme for this weeks C³ is ‘Fictional Characters‘. I could explain what I mean, but why would I try when the lovely Pat from Write up the Spine does it much more elegantly:

Since it’s back to school/end of summer yadda yadda …. perhaps a Bookish theme — like you’re favorite fictional character – rewritten or drawn with a twist, perhaps their evil side, or most contrite version, depending on the original?

So if you have ever read a book but disagreed with how the artists impression turned out, you now have a chance to write the wrongs by drawing or doodling your own version.

More rules and information can be found on the Cartoon Craziness Page and you have until the 28th September 2014 to complete this challenge.

On your marks, get set, doodle!!

11 thoughts on “C³ – Week Nine!

  1. I read that first line as “i finally managed baby number 3” and I was like “whaaa?” I didn’t know about 1 or 2, much less 3 :-D

    Wow, this is a challenge…hmmm. Good one!


  2. Holy hell, please tell me I wasn’t one of those brilliant people that come up with this terrible idea!!! ;)

    In all honesty, my issue is going to be picking a character because there are so very many that I just love. Hmm…


  3. Hmmm… I never got around to the last challenge, due to my own one that I am struggling through, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing this one either–but fear not! I shall be back for the one after this one! :D


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