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Good evening eejits, remember me?! Yep I am the person who owns this blog and occasionally stops by to say hello, albeit not nearly as often as she should.

This last while I’ve been on a Rollercoaster and several times have thrown my legs overs the side and my feet onto the track, sadly though it would seem that the soles on my boots have worn away as nothing seems to slow me down. Good job my knickers are reinforced, this is a scary ride!!

I’m only a little human being, in the big wide world and I’m wondering how far I can stretch myself before I snap. My resolve has been sorely tested just this weekend alone, but it’s Sunday night and tomorrow is a new day at the start of a new week.

I’ve lacked ideas for things to write about of late, I even kept an eye on the Daily Prompts to see if they were the kick up the arse I required, unfortunately, they were more WTF than WOW! Daily Prompt 1 – Indecisive Eejits Brain – 0, and we’re back again to the lament regarding the not very bright pixie in the forest.

I haven’t drawn for my challenge and it does not look like I will before the closing date, which is ummm today. So tomorrow I will put up a new one and hope that you all forgive me for my indiscretion this time. There is a possibility though that I will change the challenge from weekly to fortnightly, but nothing has been decided yet. You’re still welcome to submit ideas for things you would like to draw, we consider everything because Mama and I believe that a million heads are better than one!

In other news, the job ticks along. The past week was hectic and I struggled  to keep up, but I am finding that some things are getting easier, so given time I am hoping I will be ok. I’ve a few days booked off for not this week but next, the first days off I have had in over 2 months. I can’t wait, but it is marred by not knowing how things are going to be at home, because sometimes believe me, it is better to be in work.

I’m going to try and be little more proactive around here, by forcing myself to sit down and write. There is nothing like giving yourself a good slap to get things done, ultimately it’s not as satisfying as slapping the shit out of someone who it annoying your head, but there less chance of being arrested.

One last thing before I go, I’m not sure what the cause was, but I’ve had a new spate of followers in the last couple of weeks. So to all of you, thank you, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, there is a varied mix of wonderful people who sit around this table and you are a welcome addition, just make yourself heard.

Till next time :)

22 thoughts on “Here’s the Bizz!

  1. Yeah, I find it weird the people who follow my blog when I am on hiatus. (I think there might be something wrong with them ;) )

    I understand the rollercoaster thing quite well, yes I do. I also haven’t been feeling like blogging either. I still have cold brain, so it does impact things. Well good to see you’re still going on. :D


  2. Sorry to hear you’re struggling, love. I’m not looking forward to heading back to the real world next week. And, as the other half of the CCC, I am hereby letting you off the hook for not having a cartoon drawn. :D


  3. I blogged last week and I worked, but I will be damned if I remember talking to anyone else during the week.

    And, HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT, I did not blog at all this weekend. And I am only just now getting to reading y’all’s blogs. And I use the word and at the beginning of sentences too often.

    Here’s to another week, hopefully a little less crazy and a little more connected (with friends, not necessarily the internet).



      • For me, it is too easy to withdraw from the world, even if the only interaction is online it is still interaction. This weekend I was sick though and that was what I needed. But I get exactly what you mean!


      • That’s the thing, when its bad at home I can’t think of anything else and certainly can’t blog because the ink on the page would be dark instead of light. But it’s the thing that keeps me going and keeps me smiling, so I need to force myself sometimes.

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  4. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re still hanging in there! In other news…I wanted to pop over and tell you this little tidbit. I was on here thinking, “Gee, it’s been a long time since the Indecisive Eejit posted anything.” So I went looking for you in my reader. Nothing. Went looking then in my list of blogs I follow and nothing. So I’m not quite sure what happened there, but somehow you fell off my list (WP error?) Anyway, have since rectified said situation and am happily going back through the posts I’ve missed! Thank goodness not too many! I need my dose of Eejit, you know?


  5. Hang in there Juls …. hang in there … and how you do make me laugh …. like yeah … the DP have been so WTF – LAME lately? I have to wonder whether everyone left their heads buried in beach sand or what?!

    “There is nothing like giving yourself a good slap to get things done, ultimately it’s not as satisfying as slapping the shit out of someone who it annoying your head, but there less chance of being arrested.”

    roflmao ….. some times I wonder …. would it be worth it? Hell yes! How you always manage to make me laugh – somehow. You are are a gem -Juls :O

    Hope your week starts and continues smmmooooothly :)


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