Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superhero!

As with all things this week I am pretty much late to my own party! My business partner in Cartoon Craziness has even got there before me, but better late than never, here is my entry for Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superhero!

Phantom Farter

Sue me, I find all things bottom burp related kinda funny, so my Superhero is called the Phantom Farter! She has a utility belt to help her out in all kinds of situations as well as wings that can waft as well as fly! My character in GTA has a black bob style haircut and no one gives her shit, so I figured PF should have the same.

Who would you be as a Superhero, or who is your favorite Superhero, tell us in a doodle and join the fun. For more information, click HERE!

26 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superhero!

  1. Awesome! I never got around to doing a doodle for this week’s CCC, but I do have an illustration that I made a few months ago that suits this perfect, so I might share that before the new topic goes live :)


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