Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 4

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You awesome people managed to submit a total of 10 entries last week, and there is even hope that Rob will still get one in bringing the total to 11!! We have some new joiners, welcome aboard, the more the merrier :)

Please remember during the week when the challenge is running to check out the CCC page from my links at the top, this is where you will find all the amazing entries. This week was really fun, seeing everyones interpretation of Superhero!

Ok, so the theme for this week is Kids and Pets, as suggested by Diana over at Trying to Make Things Right. Mama was all over this, she loved it, you’d think she had a special cat or something, whereas me, well I have nothing no kids or pets so I was like WTF, waggling my index finger and everything. Then I thought hang on a minute, I have imagination so I can draw what I would like my pet to be, or what I thought my kid would look like if I had one.

As always this challenge is open to interpretation, as in your interpretation. The main Mama and I are not here to judge, just to participate and laugh with you :)

This is NOT a drawing competition, it’s all about having fun and it’s for people of all levels of drawing. On the first week Tim drew me a stick cat. He wasn’t that pleased, I personally thought it was awesome, because he took the time to join in and the kitty was cute. Mama and I don’t want anyone to feel they are not good enough, because we think you are.

As always, create a post that showcases your masterpiece to the whole world and remember to add a link back to this weeks challenge post which then creates a ping back. Throughout the week I will update the Cartoon Craziness Challenge Page with all the entries for that week so far.

Good luck and thank you for supporting this madness!!

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If you do not see your name on the list, please let me know, your entry may not have created a pingback!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superhero!

As with all things this week I am pretty much late to my own party! My business partner in Cartoon Craziness has even got there before me, but better late than never, here is my entry for Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superhero!

Phantom Farter

Sue me, I find all things bottom burp related kinda funny, so my Superhero is called the Phantom Farter! She has a utility belt to help her out in all kinds of situations as well as wings that can waft as well as fly! My character in GTA has a black bob style haircut and no one gives her shit, so I figured PF should have the same.

Who would you be as a Superhero, or who is your favorite Superhero, tell us in a doodle and join the fun. For more information, click HERE!