….and relax….

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…so I’m not really relaxed, but it makes me feel better to think that I am, and there is always tomorrow.

What a weird, busy and strange two weeks it has been, I can quite honestly say that I no longer know if I am blown up or stuffed! For those of you who have no idea what this means, googling will not help, I just tried it. You’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that at the minute I don’t know which way is up.

It’s been a roller coaster. I get up and go about my daily routine, only these days I am not at my own desk, I have none of my things and I am doing a job that is not yet even mine. It’s totally weird and a little disconcerting. Imagine how it must feel for the lady who is having to train me, she doesn’t even want to go.

I have been enjoying the challenge though. I like it when my brain is occupied and not just ticking away on normal hum drum of everyday life. New things to learn require concentration, which requires brain power, which requires time, which in a weird way makes the day go faster. If only I could get rid of the queasy feeling in my stomach that increases the closer we get to Friday, the day when my counterpart goes on holiday for 3 weeks, then it would be all good!

Having been thrown a little out of routine this last week or so, has resulted in me feeling slightly off balance. I wouldn’t have said prior to this that I was someone who liked life being structured, but I am realising that in fact I like order a lot more than I like chaos. I cannot remember if I was always this way, but it seems to be the direction in which I am now headed.

I’ve been thinking about my blogs….again. A lack of time, on my part, has meant that poor May has not been out anywhere in ages. That started me wondering if I should just move her back to this blog, so she can blend into all the other insanity that sometimes happens here. Any thoughts?

I’m hoping as things start to settle down that I will be able to get myself into more of a routine. I had hoped with my Aunt visiting that I would have had more free time, but just the way things have been, it’s not yet worked out. No one’s fault, it’s just the way it is. On the plus side, it’s been great for my Mum to have some company and they are rubbing along nicely listening to music and looking at old photographs.

That I am afraid, is all I have to give. I’m practically falling asleep at the keyboard. No doubt when I have my shower I’ll wake up again, although I hope not, because I could do with an early night!

20 thoughts on “….and relax….

  1. May has her own life now……see where she ends up. I quite like being able to get a dose of YOU right here on your own. In regard to Friday….you know, you aren’t going to BE the person you’re replacing, you’re just going to do her job and the only way you can do that well is to do it in your own style and way. From the moment she leaves, it becomes yours so you deal with the issues that crop up how YOU would deal with them and perhaps you’ll even find out that you’re more adept and appreciated than she is! I have every confidence in you.


    • Thank you for the vote of confidence :) There is no doubt we will do things differently, however my counterpart is much more knowledgeable than I with regards to computer application knowledge. We each have our NICHE. It’s a very weird situation for us both, but no doubt it will all be ok in the end, hopefully for the both of us :)


  2. Hmm, I dunno. I split off my comics from my main blog and then stopped doing them, so I can see where you’re coming from, lol. Nothing beats the challenge of learning something new. :D


  3. Well, I’ll be wherever you go. But not stalking. Nope. Nothing like that. :-)

    I know things have been crazy, just keep breathing.


  4. Well – it’s almost Friday —- and I can bet you will be absolutely super at the new job. So yeah, breathe and try to relax.

    But I do understand how it is that it can be overwhelming and feeling out of place, especially if you don’t have your personal things about you — but if you’re feeling low, sneak a treasure into your pocket for company. ;0

    Concentration can be a good thing from time to time, eh? Lol — only problem is it’s taxing on the brain!

    As for chaos vs. order —- it seems as we get older, we realize that order has its benefits – as does chaos —- it’s just a question of understanding when chaos should rule — like you know, on a mini-hols, providing one isn’t arrested or darn near it, like May —- so I’m sure you’ll figure it out right quick. And if in doubt, ask May,I’m sure she has an opinion or 3 on the subjects ;0

    In the meanwhile, just take it easy and do what you need to do in order to catch your breath — and yeah, relax!


    • Thats the trouble, that bloody May has too many opinions on too many things lol
      I think the job is a learning curve, I’m there now so I am just going to have to get on with it and learn and yes relax, cos my head is pickled right now lol


      • Lol —- well May certainly likes to speak her mind — and that’s okay …. just, you know, know when to tell her to stick a sock in it ;)

        Okay …. so you have arrived at the new place — so swing into it —- it’s almost the weekend. I presume when you get around to reading this, it’ll already be 5 o’clock somewhere, so you can wander off and have a “hot one” (since cold ones are out of the question) — *le weekend* has arrived!


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