Thinking on a Thursday!


I wish I could lose weight as easily as I can lose inspiration. For the last two nights I have sat and stared at a blank screen and that is where it ends. Nothing flows from the brain to the fingertips. The ideas are unable to permeate the invisible wall that seems to have built itself around the creative regions of my brain.

I have lots of ideas; I just don’t know how to transcribe them from brain to blog.

I did however create a new blog for May Dupp, as I have decided to try and give her an outlet all of her very own. I find that everything gets a little confusing on the one page. It will be trial and error and it may fail, but I’m going to give it a go.

I find these days that my ability to write depends a lot on what is happening at home. If form with the Mothership is not good, it tends to put to me into mediocre form as well. On those days I tend not to write as it would just come out as a long tirade. No doubt sometimes I will, I do after all need an outlet, but you can rest assured on the days when those posts do appear, that I am not looking for sympathy, I am simply looking to let off a little steam.

In some ways I wish that when I started this blog I had remained anonymous. It would be so much easier to open up and just write about everything that is going on. I feel restricted, and yes while I know there is no one to blame for that but myself, I feel it all the same.

hope I have evolved over the first year of this blogs life, I am just not sure that I have. I still feel a little like a blogging baby in a lot of respects. On a daily basis I read some of the other blogs I love so much and think ‘Wow, I’m never going to be like that. I want to write like that.’ I am smart enough to know however that no two people can be the same, and I am who I am.

The bottom line is, sometimes it’s best I go back to basics and remember that the reason I started this blog was for me and no one else. I have just been extremely fortunate to meet other great people along the way.

On a plus note, I have tuna and cucumber sandwiches for lunch and they are just bloomin marvellous!

Happy Thursday Eejits.

38 thoughts on “Thinking on a Thursday!

  1. I know that exact feeling Juls, staring at the blank screen wanting to write about something but not having the concentration to complete a thought much less a full blog post. It always passes and usually leads to something I find myself a bit proud to have written.

    How about a link for May Dupp’s blog. I’m looking forward to her adventures and want to follow.

    Also on another note about your near tirades. I have an idea that I just got started on that may help. I will get back with you soon to see if you are interested.


  2. Here’s to new ventures for you and JED.

    I know what you mean too. I thought I would be ready to run after the A to Z was over but now, eh. Nothing. I’ll do my weekly challenges (late!) but after that I will be tapped out.

    Hope y’all like nail polish pictures. ;-)


  3. You know if it weren’t for the haiku id have stopped posting a while ago. I’m losing my mind not writing, and not a day goes by when I don’t consider giving up the haiku and closing up shop altogether, but I’m just too darned stubborn. I’d kill for a couple of nice long weekends!!


  4. Glad the sammies were delici! As for blogging – hey — cardinal rule of ANY type of writing – BE YOURSELF!

    Nothing wrong with that at all – besides that’s why we love ya so much – you pack your own particular crunch, flavor and zest!


  5. You may think you should have remained anonymous about the blog, but that doesn’t really make much of a difference.. I’m only recently learning that targeted audience blogging is not the reason I started this blog, so just blog the way you want! :-) you have an interesting blog.. found you through Don Charisma’s post :-)


  6. Just write what you want. Some of my posts are so random it’s off the scale. Find a news article and comment on it, review a song/movie/bra etc etc. Looking forward to more of May Dupp :)


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