Alternative thinking!

Spectres Attack by pKrime

I would say I have quite an inquisitive mind. I like to know things. They don’t always have to be important or earth shattering pieces of information, they just have to be relevant to whatever it is I happen to be thinking about at the time. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will find it out and ensure I know next time.

I would also say I have a fairly open mind, unless I know for sure something is not going to work. I try not to dismiss things without at least giving them some thought, whether it be before or after the event.

Where is this going I hear you ask, well it’s going to lead you into a very interesting conversation I had yesterday.

My friend believes in ghosts, so much so in fact, that they have been ‘Ghost Hunting’. I however sit on the fence. I would not like to say out loud that I do not believe in Ghosts, lest later on this evening one jumps out and scares the shite clean out of me.

I have however had two experiences, both in my kitchen, that would lead me to believe that there is something else out there. Once while standing at the cooker I felt a tap on my shoulder. I was a little startled as I had heard no one approach. When I turned around to speak to the person, there was no one there. At the time the only thing I felt was quizzical, I didn’t feel scared, I just couldn’t really understand what had happened.

The second incident occurred about two months ago while I was standing at the kitchen sink. It had been a particularly stressful day, especially at home, and I was feeling a little despondent. While washing the dishes I had the sensation of what felt like a hand brush against my cheek. Again I wasn’t scared, but immediately thought of the shoulder tapping incident. For the rest of the evening, every time the phone in the house rang, I was convinced I was going to be told someone had passed away. Thankfully no one had.

I have also seen balls of light, that my friend explained could be Orbs;

Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth – Reference from:

The strangest thing for me, is the fact that I don’t feel afraid, considering I suffer from anxiety and worry like it is going out of fashion. Hopefully it will stay this way, I think being faced with the likes of a poltergeist might be the end of me.

Image by Jon Feinstein

Conversation then turned to religion, and I asked my friend if he believed in Heaven and Hell. Like me, he believes there is something. I can only speak from personal experience, but I know there are times when I have asked for help and have received it. You could argue that it was fate or chance, who knows, but I believe someone up there was looking out for me. I, like I have no doubt a lot of other people do ask the question, that if there is a God why does bad stuff happen to good people. I can’t answer these things.

My friend once read a book and shared the theories of it to me, sadly I cannot remember the name of either the author or the book. He (the author) believed that our bodies are vessels and that we live out a lifetime in them, for however long that lifetime may be. When we pass, our souls then transfer into another vessel and we begin another life. Curiosity piqued, I asked if this is where Déjà vu comes from. The book believes it is, the rational being that we reach the same point in our lives but choose a different path. It’s a nicer way to look on things. Instead of mourning a past life, we just celebrate the moving on to a new phase.

Oops wrong vessel!

It’s all very interesting stuff and I would like to read more about the theories of others, even if the only reason is to challenge the way I personally think about things.

What say you, do you believe in ghosts and other worldly beings, yay or nay?


19 thoughts on “Alternative thinking!

  1. I don’t believe in reincarnation but stuff like this fascinates me too and like you I have an inquisitive mind. Good writing!!


  2. Yup – that would be a huge Yay —- and I’m good with it. I also believe in guardian angels – perhaps that’s what you felt when you sensed a presence or the caress on your cheek? I tend not to consider “ghosts” as such – but rather think on it as the world of the paranormal (and hey, who decides what’s normal?!) and spirits – both benign and “evil.” As for the presence of “God” — I personally think there is a Great Creator – that has orchestrated all of our world and everything in it – for if you strip it done to anything, and consider the complexity and yet simplicity and interconnectedness of it all – I personally don’t think this could be accidental. For those who do – that’s okay by me too.

    As for why the “bad/evil” —- well, I have thought about this for a very long time – and I honestly don’t believe in the idea of sinner and sin; every horrible, awful, dreadful, whatever we personally or collectively classify as “evil or atrocious” event — well, there is a reason for it; and in some way, once we get over our revulsion and indignation and fear and loathing and hatred – we can find *some* positive in it.Think about those maimed in last year’s Boston marathon – the ones who through will, support and determination, participated in some way THIS year – as proof positive that overcoming such horrific acts *is* possible.

    As for the bad happening to the good? Well, same idea — sometimes the “good” have run their share of karmic lessons and life path numbers for this cycle – and so, they move on or depart.

    I think the most difficult idea about all of this is accepting that there can never be evil without blessing; light without dark, hate without love. And often, it seems to me, they are part and parcel of the same coin – just reflections of the “other side.” Perhaps it’s human nature or tendency to focus on the negative because it feels safer, more comfortable and we can “take the easier route” through it?

    Enough of my long-winded reply.

    Have a great weekend Juls :)


    • I LOVE your long winded replies, even if it does sometimes take me a couple of read overs to take it all in lol

      I like the challenge of it all, it’s something other than we have been told all our lives. Things like this fascinate me as much as sometimes they give me the heebee geebies (frights) lol


      • Well —- lol — sometimes I have to re-read my answers even after posting them — cause I’m not sure if I’ve expressed what I meant to correctly.
        All kinds of information and beliefs and ideas floating around – a lifetime’s study really.


  3. I absolutely believe In God and heaven and hell. As for why bad things happen to good people its because we are human not puppets, and humans do bad things sometimes, and that causes other bad things, and so on. As far as ghosts, I personally dont believe in em, but even though I think I know everything sometimes, I actually dont. Lol


    • I suppose if someone never experiences it how would you know. I could have had a shoulder twitch and a breeze on my face, who knows. I know for sure though that I don’t want something to prove it to me in the middle of the night lol


      • Me either, almost everyone in my family claims to have experienced some kind of ghostly being, but they’re all crazy so… if they are real I would rather not know it.


  4. This fucks up my brain a bit. Mostly I’m a very reational person when it comes to this. I’m not religious and cannot figure out why there would be more to life than just, you know, than just breathing. I also cannot figure out how ghosts could exist. But I don’t dare to say they don’t exist, because I’m afraid they would get anrgy and come haunt me.
    So I guess you could say I kind of believe they exist after all…


    • You’re like me. I used to kiss all my cuddly toys goodnight when I was younger cos I though they would strangle me in the middle of the night :/
      I swear if I lived closer to you I’d be outside your window tonight in a white sheet, making ghostly noises that strangely don’t translate well to being types lol


  5. I do, and it might sound strange or different to some, but there are enough of us out there that they can’t dismiss us as lone crackpots; and I don’t say this simply because I think there’s an old man’s spirit in my basement. I fully believe that we leave energetic impressions upon the world and the more they build up, the more of ourselves we leave behind. Who’s to say that some don’t find a place to hang out post mortem, rather than going to a new life or further beyond? Under the veil, the Universe is a strange home.

    I’ve performed an exorcism before. I’m also an ordained minister, come to think of it. Both are things I’ve never before felt it was necessary to bring up in conversation, but now I realize that I have stories I’ve never even thought to mention before.

    Now that’s stuff to blog about.

    Thanks, kiddo. :)


    • Always happy to oblige, although I am not sure how I helped. Blog subject perhaps. Now that is interesting to know that you are an ordained minister, and one who believe were are not alone at that. You get more interesting by the day Mr R!! Looking forward to you blogging about it :)


    • Ahhh ha – I *knew* that there was something more to your picture — funny how we can pick up vibes and senses – even through a computer link up and words. Way cool Rob (and now, not in a superficial way) —- certainly ideas for discussion – if ever you are inclined.


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