May Dupp on the Move!

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When you create a character, whether it be successfully or unsuccessfully, you don’t expect them to become so much of a diva that you have to move them on from their original beginnings.

It has got to the stage where May’s collection of shoes and handbags is clogging up valuable brain space so I have made the decision to relocate her to her own blog. Normally people at this stage will explain their rationale behind such a move and perhaps explain the pro’s and con’s. I had no other reason than I was bored on Friday night after coming home from spending time with my friends and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can’t even say for sure I will ever write another May Dupp post, but I certainly hope I do.

May Dupp is the me I would have perhaps been had my life not turned out like it did, had I had a little more confidence and had I had the figure to carry off pencil skirts and low cut blouses! Perhaps she is the girlie girl inside me trying to break free!

She is, I must remind you, totally fictional, and none of her exploits are based on real life. That’s my story anyway and I am sticking to it :)

Should you wish to keep hearing about May’s shenanigans, you can now find her at The Misadventures of May Dupp. She would appreciate a follow if you are inclined to read made up waffle when you are bored. :)

Bear in mind the site is still under construction or as May would say, bare faced, nae slap on! :)

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