Am I feeling Guilty?


So I think I finally figured out what it is that has been bugging me and stalling my activity on the blog just a little. I feel guilty, go figure!

Anyone who knows me in real life can vouch for the fact I am a worrier. In fact it is one of the things I am well known for. At Christmas even the Fathership turned traitor and wrote in my card that he wished me a worry free 2014, we laughed about it afterwards because he realised that statement was a stupid as I did.

I worry about everything, and I mean e v e r y t h i n g. I am though,  getting better at trying to use coping strategies. They don’t always work, but for the 10 minutes I try,  it at least focuses my mind on something else.

I care a lot about what people think of me, I know I shouldn’t, because I don’t need approval from anyone else, but for some reason I still do. I would guess that deep down most of us are the same.

Throughout my time here, I have been amazed at the support I have received from others. There have been people who have been with me every step of the way, commenting on almost every post I have written. Of late, for one reason or another I have not had the same time to read, comment on and write posts. I have still been reading, but it’s usually a quick 5 minutes here or there when I can grab the time, meaning comments fall by the wayside. I still try to like everything I have read and erm liked, assuming WP is working correctly, the like button has been a little temperamental of late.

Commenting, when I do have the time, still causes me issues. I know you might find it hard to believe, but,  sometimes I am at a complete loss for words, so rather than make an ass of myself I say nothing at all. It does’t mean I like you or your post any less, it’s usually just that I am dumbstruck / awestruck or have nothing further to add to what you or your commenter’s have already said. The other reason is that I consider you to be smarter than the average bear, well this one anyway. In fact that accounts for pretty much 100% of the blogs I follow. Damn all you smart people!

So in an effort to help myself feel a little less guilty and to ease some of the worry I am writing this post by way of explanation and apology.

I am very grateful to every follower I have, and to every blog I follow for keeping me entertained. I am sorry that right now I can’t get to like and comment on everything, but you have to believe that I really wish I could. I don’t want anyone to ever think I am just not bothering, because that’s not the case. The truth is, I would be lost without all of you. You’re like my very own Newspaper, providing gossip, drama, comedy, cartoons, fortune telling via a Music Quiz and something far better than Dear Dierdre ever was in the shape of Mr Smithson. Anyone want to volunteer for Mr Page 3??

There are so many challenges I would also like to do, but time just gets away from me. I try to squeeze in as many as I can.

My worrying self knows realistically that no one probably notices or cares whether or not I do challenges, comment, like or read and that right now you are probably shaking your head and thinking what on earth is that stupid cow on about now, and you’d be right, but it was worrying me, so I had to get it out there, to get over it.

All these things are important to me, as are all of you, and I just needed to remind you of that!

25 thoughts on “Am I feeling Guilty?

  1. What on earth ARE you on about you stupid cow? You don’t need to apologise to anyone Juls. You don’t owe us anything. Though I do appreciate the shout out.

    I haven’t done a new post in bloody ages and rather than feeling guilty, I’ve just re-dated some of my older posts! Ha.

    Just do what you can when you can… I too am a huge worrier. But like I said above, you don’t owe any of us… Seriously though, why the fuck haven’t you checked out my story about the cab driver and my tie.


  2. I understand where you are coming from. I know I comment all over the place, but there are still days I have nothing to say or add.

    Btw, I know you commented on one of the kid posts last night but I can’t remember which one, so I will just thank you here :-)


  3. You are sooo not alone in this. I have been quite remiss on my blog (comment/likes/posting) and have been extremely worried that I am letting my friends and followers down. It even keeps me awake sometimes from worry. In the end though, I just try reminding myself that I started this blog for me, and that despite how it may look, I am doing the very best that I can right now. (((hugs)))


  4. No kidding about that like button what’s up with that? Me too! No apologies necessary. I think we all want to be more active in the WP playground. Sometimes life gets in the way. Take care!


  5. I miss you when you don’t comment! And only because your comments are so lovely! I know the feeling though, I fall behind in my reading and commenting all the time – I really want to keep it up, because I feel rude when people visit my blogs and it takes me ages to check theirs out, but I suppose there are only so many hours in the day! I’ve been trying to be good and set aside dedicated reading and commenting time every week… and one day I’ll succeed in doing so!

    In terms of quality of comment though, I know that I appreciate a quick ‘great post’, because I know that the person enjoyed the post enough to take a moment to write that rather than just clicking on, so I wouldn’t worry too much about coming up with witty insightful things to say every time – sometimes it’s the thought that counts!


    • So let me start by saying that I am enjoying your new project immensely, that said I am waiting until the end of the week and then reading them all in one go. I got a little bit lost in the last one, because I was not getting to read every day and then I got confused. So I swore this time I would take my time and figure it all out myself without having to ask at the end, due to being a numpty lol

      I agree with the ‘Good Post’ bit and I hadn’t thought of it at all until Not a Punk Rocker mentioned it in a earlier comment. Every post you do is a good post though lol


      • Ahh thanks very much! No pressure from me to comment, I just think it’s a thought that counts thing, so no need to worry about quality of content! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, it’s quite different to Regan, but I wanted to try out this way and see if it would work – but you never know!!


  6. Yo! Eejit woman!

    Don’t be worrying your pretty little head – super smart sistah ;)

    We all go through phases when we need to be doing other things than sitting and reading and typing away. Those of us who are dedicated followers UNDERSTAND —- so no worries. We’ll still be here when you are available and playing along. Besides, as you’ve said, sometimes we NEED to be selective in our reading, comments, likes etc. Seriously, cut yourself some slack.

    But I do understand how you are feeling. I think those of us who value the input feel the same way when we aren’t as active with our blogs.



    • lol You see, that’s one of the things I love about you, when you come back, you come back with a bang!! I think I just needed to explain myself, my mind, where writing is concerned anyway, is like a river that has momentarily dried up lol


      • I so hear you – how often have I done the same?!???

        Lol – I think we are all suffering from that little self-doubt of “eh? people are actually reading what I’m writing and taking time to comment or like and are enjoying all of this?!?!??”

        But we must silence the self-censor and critic and forge ahead! :)


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