What if we could make the world dance?

Another trip to the land of Okay, What if? Get following peeps :)

Okay, What if ?

I’ve been captivated by this show on Sky called ‘Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance’. For anyone who does not know who this particular gentleman is, well he’s the lead dancer and choreographer which a street dance crew called ‘Diversity’, he’s also rather cute, which certainly does not detract from the show’s likability.

In the show, his intention is to bring together a whole town through the power of dance. To form crews, he pulls people of various ages from a diverse range of occupations and sectors.

It’s been fun watching how all the people interact, especially those who never would have before, for example, pupils and teachers, eventually coming together as a unit to complete the task.

There is no doubt that music is a good mood influencer and there are few people who when presented with a good tune will not show some kind of appreciation, be it with…

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