It’s 363 Days till Christmas!

Santa Sprouts
Santa Sprouts!

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s all over for another year. The build up seems to take forever. We begin planning from the start of December, or for some even before and then it arrives and if you blink you miss it.

My Sister and I managed just fine with the cooking, well no one died, so thats got to be a result right? I had my brussel sprouts (thank you for asking Audrey Dawn lol) The effects were not too catastrophic, well until later in the evening that is, when I donned the penguin onesie given to me by Udders. After a brief spell of high winds I pretty much looked like this:

Fart in a Wetsuit
Never fart in a Onsie!

I did get lots of  lovely goodies though, including some other penguin things. I was delighted with everything. Hey as long as there are sweets and stationary I am a happy camper. Add in a Geek fleece blanket and some new sketch pads and it’s a match made in heaven!

I’m not however loving the weather we are having just now. Tonight has been high winds and heavy rain. I keep thinking at any moment the roof is going to blow off leaving me seeing stars, quite literally! I suppose it’s to be expected. Think about the sheer volume of sprouts consumed over the festive period, all that extra gas has to go somewhere. Thing is though, we’ve had these high winds for a while now, so could you all try and point your arses in a different direction to see if it makes any difference.

Oooo that reminds me, there was more good news as well…..wait for it…..I reached 200 followers!! I would show you the little badge only WordPress hasn’t given me one yet, perhaps I have to get 201 for that to happen. I know it’s a little confusing because my side bar says 280, but that’s the figure including Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to those who pushed me into the path of their followers (yeah that means you Strawberry Quick Sand), reblogged me, bigged me up, and in a nut shell got me the additional followers I needed to reach my goal! It’s possibly the first time I have ever reached a personal target in my life, well apart from trying to make myself float in a penguin onesie that is.

I hope you all had an enjoyable and Happy Christmas. There are only a few days left until the start of 2014, and I very much look forward to seeing you all on the other side!

15 thoughts on “It’s 363 Days till Christmas!

  1. I tell you what: I got over 300 and I thought there was a badge for that but maybe we both got stiffed by some sort of odd circumstance. Either way, congrats on your milestone and rejoice in the new year as I vow to remain —

    your faithful blogging buddy,

    ~Surfer Rob


    • Look at you bragging with your 300…ner ner ner ner nerrrrrrr lol I think that has something to do with you being the Haik….thingy king lol
      Here’s to more fun and laughter with you in 2014 also. I’ve been very fortunate this year to meet you lot!


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