Ahoy there!

My apologies for being a little lacking in the posting department this last week or so. It’s been a combination of having naff all to say and trying to get everything that needs done, done! Finding the time to sit down and write proved a little difficult.

You might however have seen a couple of random posts mid week. Rob certainly did! They were from my Netbook as I tried to get it set up for blogging. It’s hard finding an offline text program that is going to work hand in hand with WordPress. After a little research I figure I am going to give Windows Live Writer a try, it seems to get pretty good reviews. If you look at my posts and they are complete and utter tripe (excluding the content, which is usually tripe anyways) then you can rest assured that I am going to blame WLW, even though it may not be the culprit! It was in fact the sausage fingers, in the living room with the Laptop. Case solved, we can all go home.

I’ve also figured out how to cure the having nothing to write about problem. I’m going to write about anything and everything that pops into the empty space between my lug holes. Ok perhaps not everything, because lets face it, there is limited capacity up there.

Until I get into the full swing of things there will be a week long series of posts about fresh air!

Lastly a huge thank you to all my new followers. Welcome aboard, there are a good bunch of eejits who hang around the good ship Indecisive and you are all more than welcome! Keep spreading the word :)

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