The Idea Machine!

Picture: Souther Salazar, Alejandro and the Idea Machine, 2010

I need a contraption that can suck the thoughts out of my head and e-mail them to me!

That’s strange I hear you mutter to yourself, and why yes, you are correct, it is indeed very strange, but it is also very much needed!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks what with people being off in work and things to be done at home. My free time was pretty much slashed to nothing. I usually blog on the train or at lunch time in work, but lunch times were few and far between, peaceful ones anyway, and tables were lacking on the trains. The blog gods were against me! The weekend was designated to housework. I started early so that I would have the rest of Saturday afternoon free to sort things out on here, but then the Father ship decided I needed to clean out his paperwork drawer and get stuff ready for the accountant. 3 hours later, oh yes, 3 hours, and it was time to make the tea!

Sunday I could have blogged, in fact I could have blogged for most of the day, but you know what, I was just too darn tired and my two remaining brain cells were rattling round the empty space between my ears road testing their Halloween costumes, which just happened to be Teflon frying pans, nothing was sticking!

In the midst of all this however I did have some ideas for posts, I would even go as far as to say some of them were great ideas for posts. But then I forgot them. I have this uncanny knack of coming up with ideas when I have nothing on which to write them down. I tell myself I won’t forget, I repeat them to myself in an effort to increase the likelihood, and then nothing, zilch, nada….all gone!

I come in at night when everything has been done, I’m showered, clothes are laid out and I am free to enjoy the little bit of time I have left before bed. I am like a master pianist, I flick out my pajama top tails and seat myself at my instrument, crick my neck from side to side, flex  my fingers, limbering them up, preparing them, and then move them to hover above the keys, and there I sit.

To an outsider I probably look like I am in pain as I try to recall the ideas from the various nooks and crannies in my head, I guess it’s a little like brain constipation, I push but nothing happens. The ideas have all gone, they are lost somewhere in space and time, never to return.

Enter the idea machine. It would store all my little bits and bobs and then replay them to me whilst I limber up, allowing those beautiful and ‘Freshly (yeah right) Pressed’ deserving ideas to filter back into my consciousness, meaning I will no longer have to endure writers block!

I did start out tonight with the intention of writing my piece for this weeks Okay, What If? challenge, but after 30 minutes of screen staring, nothing was stirring so to speak, I can only apologise!

Happy Halloween my most favourite eejits in the whole wide world!


27 thoughts on “The Idea Machine!

  1. Brain constipation, huh? So does that mean when your brain finally gets started back the ideas are going to flowing hard and fast? Don’t worry, you got a few more days for the challenge and it’s the last Halloween inspired so we’ll change it up with next weeks, get away from the creatures and clones.


    • I hope so, because this drought is annoying my head lol I’m still going to hassle you for a sneek peek on a Friday though so I can start work on it over the weekend lol Some of the entries for the October one are grill, I can’t wait to vote :-) I might not always have time, but I never forgfet , so keep em coming :-)


      • I’m a weirdo, I like to lean on things when I write. Usually though I am somewhere when I have nothing with me, not even my phone. Hey that’s an idea, I’ll ring you and you can write it down for me!! Problem solved :P lol


      • That’s just crazy because if you do that, why not voice record it and pretend that you’re talking to somebody on the phone. You could have voice recording app where you just sit there and you talk to your phone is other somebody on the other side, and nobody thinks you’re crazy – and you can get your idea into a voice recording until later. Then even if you’re lazy and you don’t get them off for a long time, you’ll come back and you’ll find stuff you didn’t even remember about. Great ideas! I kind of do the same thing by keeping a series of lists, and every time I look back at it I see at least two or three things I forgot about and start thinking about really good ideas for that stuff, and even if I don’t act on it I know that later on I’ll remember that idea that I had when I see that list again.


      • Lol if you read what I am working on just now (if I ever finish it cos i’m having trouble tying it together, you’ll understand why I couldn’t do that. People here listen to everything you say, bunch of nosey buggers they are. It’s not something I can do in work either. Hopefully though things will get a little easier if / when I get my laptop! :)


  2. I am so hearing you on this one. Brain constipation – you so kill me with your particular turns of phrase. You, my dear friend, are an inventor, creator and artist, writer etc in your own right. Love you for it :)

    hope scary boo was restful – and that you have a relaxing weekend. Rest and be happy. :)


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