They prompt nothing but frustration!

I am in awe of the people who look at the daily prompts everyday and can manage to string together legible pieces of writing.

I swore a couple of months back that I was going to try and participate more often, I even took heed of the words on a strangers blog, when they said, look at the prompt and then just write about the first thing that comes to mind.

I look at the Daily Prompt every day and the first thing that comes to mind is “Ah for f*ck sake” as the subject matter goes whizzing high above my head.

I am not an unintelligent person, that said, I am not the brightest pixie in the forest either. Sure my grammar and punctuation need work and I’d be scuppered without spell check, but sometimes I can manage to string a sentence together and if I am really lucky, it’s relatively sensible.

So what is this strange aversion (disinclination) I seem to have for the prompts? I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve discovered what the problem is. It’s me!

After 6 – 7 months of blogging, I still don’t trust myself to write the things I want to and I still find it hard to open up. With regards to the prompts, I am scared to write the first thing that comes into my head, because lets face it, what I am making for tomorrow nights tea is not going to be to everyones taste and is probably going to be unrelated to the chosen subject matter as well.

So what’s the solution. Well firstly I need to serve myself a huge slice of ‘Get the feck over yourself’ and conquer my fears with regards to commenting and subject matter. I need to spend less time worrying about what others will think and just write. I did consider deactivating my Facebook page, and that may yet happen, because it’s easier to write when you don’t think people who actually know you are reading. In fact I am going to stop telling people in my real life that I even write, because I think to be honest my friends just humour me.

Secondly I am going to serve myself an equally proportioned slice of ‘you have to at least try’. I mean what’s the worst that can happen, it’s not like I am going to be burnt at the stake for crimes against the blogging community if I write a post that reminds me of the Prompt subject, but means bugger all to anyone else. Chances are they will read it and say “Ooo that’s a strange one” and to be fair to them I resemble that remark so I can hardly grumble about it.

Most challenges run Monday – Friday or days in between and few run at the weekend when I have more time. I may have to ask Mr Okay, What If? for a sneak peek on a Friday, because I like his challenges.

Tomorrow I have Steve’s Monday Music Quiz to look forward to, it’s nice and simple for an eejit like me :)

So here is a disclaimer, if you read a post from me on a Daily Prompt and you think it’s in no way related to the question they asked, just keep it to yourself! I already know I’m an eejit and I am appreciative of the fact you read it at all! :)

19 thoughts on “They prompt nothing but frustration!

  1. It’s funny you posted this. If you noticed I haven’t done a whole lot of daily prompts lately either partly because most haven’t struck me as something I wanted to write about and also because I delved a little into the Halloween theme.

    I’ve also been toying around with the idea of revealing my true self and doing away with the iamfunny2 moniker. As of now most of my friends and family don’t know this alter version of me exists. Your post has made me rethink this, maybe I do write better because I have no input from those closest to me.

    In the end I feel like as long as I had fun writing something it shouldn’t really matter what others think of it. It’s your blog, your post and your decision. You have a lot of friends on here that just enjoy hearing from you as often as you want to share.


    • I know, I think to be honest I learned more about myself through the interaction with others than I did from writing. The problem is, for my anyway, it’s hard to be funny all the time, but it does make it harder to be open and honest when you know family and friends are reading.

      That said if you did open up more, why change your name, it still remains perfect, too = also, so it means you are funny as well as all the other amazing things about you :)

      Remember, we’re here for you too, on whatever journey you decide to make!


  2. Personally, I loathe the idea of a daily prompt. Often I won’t even read someone’s blog if they are writing about a daily prompt or a weekly photo topic or whatever. Now, tomorrow night’s tea.That could definitely be HIGHLY amusing, especially if you wrote it. You have a knack for writing funnies and i’m sure you could put a comedic spin on whatever tomorrow night’s dinner is. Or last night’s dinner!


    • We shall see. I dunno perhaps that’s another reason (I’m stacking them up today) against the Daily Prompt, maybe I shy away from them if I think I cannot make anything funny out of it. I want my full funny back, this bits and pieces malarky is doing my head in lol


  3. I’ll often look at the daily prompt quickly to see what it is and then think I have no idea. I then mull over it and something usually always comes to mind – perhaps not always 100% related. I don’t think that matters as it’s a “prompt” – if it gets you writing it’s worked. I don’t worry about what I writer or who sees it which gives me freedom. It’s not linked to Facebook so no one I know really sees it. If friends have asked, I tell them and then tell them they have to find my blog in their own if they want to read it. Sorted!


  4. This is my third attempt at a comment in this. First one was lengthy, second one was highlights of the first attempt and this attempt…. we’ll I can’t be arsed typing the same thing for a 3rd time so this is it in afraid :)


  5. It’s way easier when no one you know in real life reads what you write!
    And next to that: this is the Internet dammit. There is no need to be afraid, because I haven’t met one completely normal blogger yet!


  6. I see the daily prompts too and I think I’ve only been inspired to write once or twice. Mainly, though, it’s because my blog is meant to be travel-oriented and most of the post suggestions are just general life stuff.


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