C’mere for a second!

Dear Lovely Followers,

I’m sure you noticed, well some of you did anyways, that I recently changed my blog name.

While undertaking this humongous task it appears I may have fecked up broken my WordPress, meaning that you can no longer see my posts in your Reader.

Now I know for many of you this will cause great joy, but I am hoping there are maybe 2 or 3 of you who will perhaps miss me, so I wanted to let you know, that in order to rectify the problem it seems you might have to unfollow me and then follow me right back…immediately. Ok it doesn’t have to be that quick, I just want to make sure you don’t forget!

In Other News

The new challenge from Okay, What if? has been delivered and is in fact due by tomorrow, although I am sure he will be forgiving of stragglers, assuming he is again in possession of his soul.

whatifwww2What if you let your dark side take over?

An unfortunate event has allowed the Devil to own your soul. He has decided to give you a chance to get it back but to win it you must bring a smile to the Devil’s face with your actions. He allows you to have one full day in which you can do anything your heart desires without fear of consequences, retaliation, retribution or prosecution. What does your darker half have in store for the rest of us?

What can you do to make the Devil smile but still keep your humanity?

Give it a shot, the challenges are always a little whacky, just how we like them, and there is a new one every Sunday!

9 thoughts on “C’mere for a second!

  1. I’m still working on my challenge response, but I’m suffering from having to fight my 16 month-old daughter for control of my laptop. Might have to do a part one and continue on through this month and next. It might be that long. Eek!


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