Hmmmm …hello people!!

So I um finally did it, it was a bit of a clicking frenzy, a lot of biting my fingernails and then closing my eyes and stabbing the enter key while my stomach was like a washing machine and my butt cheeks were a clenching!

I went into the vortex as The Geeky G4mer and got spat out the other end as The Indecisive Eejit.

I am sure you all agree, having first hand witnessed me too’ing and fro’ing that something with Indecisive in the title is perfect for me. Unfortunately was not available, so I had to shorten it and just go for eejit!

I hope you will all love and support me just the same, my insides have not changed, I just wear a different costume.

My apologies too, all the previous links to my blog will no longer work, sorry about that, but I can’t even do a site redirect now as the name is already changed. I’ll just have to manually go through all my posts when I get a chance and try and rectify everything. No doubt other things will be a little awry for a time, but we’ll get there.

I’m going to bed now, because, well basically I’m done. Nice to meet you all :)

7 thoughts on “Hmmmm …hello people!!

  1. As I’ve mentioned before …. the new title is good …. and yup … you be the same … which is more than good … it’s great! Welcome backkkkkkkkkkk ;)


  2. Phew! For a moment I thought you had deleted your blog completely! You don’t know how relieved I am.

    If it’s possible, could you find a way to tell your old followers where your blog is? I know you can’t do a redirect but that would be great! ;) For some reason, the Reader function didn’t show your new blog posts, even though I stayed followed to you.


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