New Beginnings!

The Geeky G4mer is gone but not forgotten.

Trying to get a lunch break today has proved quite difficult. Everytime I bring out my little tablet and sit down to type the door goes and it’s someone looking me for something.
There is a noted difference in the days, they are getting colder. The Tinsel Twit is talking about snow and we’ve not even hit October yet. Strangely she seems to have forgotten all about the Christmas dinner, I may have to consider renaming her.
I’m tired, so tired in fact that I am scared to lay my head down, even for 5 minutes as there is the strong possibility it would result in a major conking out.
The reason behind my tiredness is the fact that I foolishly decided to change my blog name at stupid o’clock last night. I thought I was smart and started with Facebook (Like me, please!!) changing the name to The Indecisive Eejit. Next I headed on over to WordPress and tried to find the settings for changing the blog name. To my horror I couldn’t find them and in full mini meltdown mode thought I had made a humungous error and was going to have to contend with two different names. Lee noticing the name change on Facebook, commented and I replied “I’ve fecked up”, only being that I was in the midst of said mini meltdown, I forgot to substitute the ‘u’ with the ‘e’, laying the word on Facebook with the full force!
With his help we trawled the inner brain cells of WordPress, otherwise known as the support forums and managed to figure out the steps I needed to take.
Plan in motion, idea half formed, only a little bit sure, I gnashed my teeth, fretted, hovered my finger over the enter key, read some more, fretted some more and in the end annoyed myself so much that I stabbed the enter key out of sheer badness. The deed was one. In 2 seconds flat, The Geeky G4mer was erased The Indecisive Eejit was born.
[Insert 2 minute silence here for the daily departed]
For a few moments I was unable to type. Even though I have wanted to change the name, and have only had it a short while, there is still a little sadness about getting rid of something that has provided so much fun.
You have all come to know me as The Geeky G4mer, and in fact some of you have never known me as anything else. You have all, in your own ways helped me on my journey and nurtured me. There is that moment of panic where you think, what if people stop reading, what if they don’t recognise me, so many what ifs. Count to ten, breathe, smile and carry on, whatever will be will be.
I refreshed the page and there was nothing. I shut down my browser and opened it again, still nothing…..oh for feck sake! I thought I had lost everything, all my posts, pictures the whole heap. I closed down all the windows, opened them again. Still nothing. Lee was able to see it, but I couldn’t.
Eventually it started to work. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
There are still a few problems, old comments remain as The Geeky G4mer, places where you linked to me will not redirect and I am not sure if I even show in your readers anymore, can someone let me know if I do?
There are going to be teething problems, but the bulk of the move is now complete and hopefully now that I am happy (well for the meantime anyway),  I can concentrate my writing and hopefully providing you with some laughs!

Hmmmm …hello people!!

So I um finally did it, it was a bit of a clicking frenzy, a lot of biting my fingernails and then closing my eyes and stabbing the enter key while my stomach was like a washing machine and my butt cheeks were a clenching!

I went into the vortex as The Geeky G4mer and got spat out the other end as The Indecisive Eejit.

I am sure you all agree, having first hand witnessed me too’ing and fro’ing that something with Indecisive in the title is perfect for me. Unfortunately was not available, so I had to shorten it and just go for eejit!

I hope you will all love and support me just the same, my insides have not changed, I just wear a different costume.

My apologies too, all the previous links to my blog will no longer work, sorry about that, but I can’t even do a site redirect now as the name is already changed. I’ll just have to manually go through all my posts when I get a chance and try and rectify everything. No doubt other things will be a little awry for a time, but we’ll get there.

I’m going to bed now, because, well basically I’m done. Nice to meet you all :)