As You Get Older II

As You get Older

When you’re young a tenna is something usually given at birthdays, pocket money or to go to the shops and buy your groceries with. Otherwise known as a ten pound note, it was and in fact still is a considerable amount of money and I wish I had a few more of them now.

Here Ma, could you lend us a tenna?

As you get older, Tena are a pair of discreet lady garden undergarments you adorn before going out to dinner with your friends, who you just know are going to make you laugh until a wee bit of wee comes out!

Yay for getting old…the happiness…and erm other things just hangs clean outta ye!

No Ma it’s ok, you keep your Tena!

5 thoughts on “As You Get Older II

  1. if you keep this sort of posting up …. I just might need a tena although I’d much prefer a tenna for sure ;)

    you just crack me up!

    Cheers and good day or mid-night or whatever time it is? Sheesh … doncha sleep woman?


    • Ach aye sometimes I do. At the weekends though I hate going to bed early, it feels like such a waste and I feel like such a rebel :)


      • Oooohhhh … watch out …. she’s being naughty ;)

        rebel away if it keeps you happy and young at heart …. ;)


    • I did wonder if they were made in the States, I wasn’t too sure, but I’m thinking, women, laughing, pee is pretty universal so I’m guessing they are lol


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