In a Muddle!

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I’m still trying to think of names for my blog. I’ve decided that I probably will change, but I’m not going to until I have a name I really like and am going to be content with, although Lee says that is an impossible task. We shall see.

It’s actually really hard to think of names to describe yourself, I wanted Weirdly Wonky, because it’s where the little bit of humour I have comes from. Until I came here and met you lot, I thought I was the only one, but now I have realised that everyone is deliciously wonky in their own way and it’s amazing, I finally feel like I fit in somewhere :)

Another name that is in the pipeline is The Eejit Express, I’m just not sure I want Eejit in my title. That said it means pretty much the same as Weirdly Wonky, so whats the difference. Eejit Evolution was considered and quickly discarded, others I considered were already taken.

You’d think coming from Norn Ireland with out unusual dialect that I would be able to think of something, I mean where else in the world but here would you consider it a compliment when someone shouts across a car park at you that you’re not right in the head.

I’ve been called many things in my life time, not all of them good either. My particular favourite would have to be, when I was told I was ‘as mad as a box of frogs’, again a compliment, because I was obviously in full flight. Sadly it’s already taken so it can’t be my new blog name.

So here’s the thing, you have 3 words and can have anything you want, it doesn’t matter if the name is already taken, we’re only playing a game….I had to pick this one, it’s really hard to play either Operation or Buckaroo over a blog, anyone ever tried? Anyway, where was I, oh yes, in three worlds, describe yourself in a blog title?

I pick Weirdly Wonderfully Wonky for mine, because over the years I have become quite fond of my quirky little brain and I do mean little!

24 thoughts on “In a Muddle!

    • I hope not for life. Just look on it being wonky for now, maybe even a little skew whiff, but hopefully it’ll get on the right track :)x


  1. Blog names are hard. I sometimes fear people won’t understand mine, but by now I’m known by NBI, so I stick with it. (By ‘know’ I mean the 5 people who follow me ;) )
    Three words to describe me… Dancefreak Escapism Writer?


    • What, no leg tosser? lol Your name is well cool already though so you’re good :) And you have more than 5 people who follow you, ya eejit! lol


  2. Well hell … I can’t think of anything particularly creative at the moment to describe myself other than brain dead she ….. ;) Lol ….. actually I think either of my blog names (as they exist) suits me just fine … perhaps Her Broken Nibs more so …. lol …. I just typed *Nobs* …. but caught it …. heh … that’s another good one Her Broken Nobs ;) sheesh … sometimes I just kill myself ….. brain dead she ;)

    I Like Wonky Top Box …. it’s intriguing and curious and sounds fun ….. :)


      • roflmao …. you can call me whatever … it’s all good ….

        I’m so dead tired right now …. big house cleaning day that everything is absolutely hilarious to me … so I can’t stop laughing at your comment ….


      • …and this from the woman who wants some of that I’m on, hell yeah Sista share yours out…come tidy my house too!! lol


      • ofl …. oopps …. roflmao …. hey … what I’m on right at this moment is an endorphin dust induced black crud up my nose and I’m going to go scrub in the shower if I can still lift my arms type of thing …. I’m smelly, dirty, grimy and dust balls have invaded my brain. Oh yeah … I’m covered in fur from zee animals …. the general housekeeping was okay … except for the fur … I swear I could knit another dog with all the fur I swept up …. but it was the basement …. holy hellwater! Woodstove + unfinished basement + storage stuff + washer/dryer + 20 odd wheelbarrows of wood inside = killer cleaning. Blehyack.

        I may treasure ya but I ain’t cleaning anywhere else … nope uhnunh


      • Humpf!! That’s hardly the attitude now it’s is Nobsness lol I hear you though. I was cleaning all day too, my Mum seems to think it’s fun to tip every single cupboard onto the floor when she is looking for something and then walks off and leaves it. Oh how roles reverse as we age lol
        Enjoy your shower ya smelly git!! lol


      • Some days ya just feel like you’re wandering around picking stuff and moving back to somewhere else eh?

        Had a great shower … squeaky clean ;)

        Well …. I can have an attitude …. ’cause I’m she who must be obeyed blah blah blah …. comes with being her Nobsness ;)


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