AYGO: The Mummy Run

As You get Older

When you’re young, don’t know any better and in fact couldn’t care less about the effects that both age and gravity are going to have on your body, you do the Baywatch run.

You imagine you look like Pamela Anderson. Everything goes in slow motion, as you gracefully sprint from A to B all tanned and goddess like, smiling at your adoring fans with your pearly white teeth.

As you get older, you do the Mummy run, regardless of whether you are actually a mother or not.

You imagine everyone is looking at you, but nit for the right reasons. You can’t get from A to B fast enough and you need to have the arms of an octopus to hold down all the bits of your body that used to be pert and gravity defying. All this and trying to hang on to your handbag as well, not an easy task!

My work colleague (mother) and I (not a mother) discussed this the other night on the way home and almost wet ourselves laughing, another side effect as we get older!

15 thoughts on “AYGO: The Mummy Run

  1. Your turn of phrase *gets* me EVERY time …. roflmao …. seriously …. tears streaming down face …. hooting away …. honestly … you are brilliant ….. the arms of an octopus …. (insert snorting sounds here) ….. “Thumbs up baby, thumbs up!”

    Cheers :)


    • My colleague offered me a lift the other night, she was trying to drive and the tears were tripping her. We thought it was hilarious, we just didn’t know if anyone else would lol


      • oh hell … anyone who has a marginal sense of humour and an even better understanding of aging and self …. couldn’t help but totally get this …. especially being a woman …. roflmao …… ohh too brilliant! Gotta love it!


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