Turning Spam into Ham!

The Spam Spectre!
The Spam Spectre!

I was getting a little bit paranoid.

Not the kind where I saw people wearing tan Mackintoshes and sunglasses duck behind trees and dustbins, but paranoid all the same.

Without my knowledge, I had become the lead character in “The Mystery of the Missing Comments.”

It started out harmlessly enough, I commented on a couple of peoples blogs. I’d never visited them before, so the fact that my comments didn’t show up was not all that strange. They, like me, may prefer to view all comments before they are published.

Another thing that lead me away from the scent was the fact that I was merrily rabbiting…umm…commenting away on my own site with no problems. Duh! I never even considered the possibility that this was because it’s my own site.

Today I commented and again it didn’t show up.  I thought, “Ok,” they’ve changed their settings as well, but when two further comments then appeared from other people, that quickly changed to “ah feck, have I offended them!” Two more sites and the same problem, so another change to “FFS the whole blogging community has barred me.”

As fast as my little fingers could type I directed my web page towards Geeky and Freaky and Purple Shirt Paul, there is no way my two best friends would abandon me, no matter how much of a pain in the arse I am, but sadly they had as well.

Sensing all was not right with the world I loaded up a search engine and typed in, my comments are not showing in worpress?

After a couple of minutes of reading I realised that I was not alone in this problem, it had happened before. I continued reading as my blood pressure slowly returned to normal.

Basically it looks like Akismet has taken a dislike to me for some reason and is therefore sending all my comments to your spam folder, well that’s where Lee found them anyway. I’ve e-mailed them and notified them of the problem. Apparently it’s quite common.

For those who liked reading my comments, I haven’t abandoned you. I was kidnapped by the Spam Spectre and we were loitering with intent in the losers folder. You can rest assured that the voice you heard calling “Hello, over here!” was not in your head.

If I promise to behave will you come rescue me?

Free The Geeky G4mer – Head over to your folder and mark me as NOT SPAM please, I’d be ever so grateful!

Akismet calls this turning Spam into Ham :)

3 thoughts on “Turning Spam into Ham!

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! I wouldn’t have gone as far as you to figure out the answer. I would just have thought I had offended the world can gone to bed with a pillow over my head!


    • That was my initial thought, well that or delete the blog! But when I didn’t show on my two friends blogs I figured something was up, I mean I’m a pain in the ass sometimes, but hopefully not that bad. Still waiting on a reply from Akismet and still going to Spam it would seem :( Hopefully it will get sorted out someday lol


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