It’s the Sunday before the Monday

Hello there, well I wish I had something really exciting to say or tell you, but I don’t so….eh…hello :)

I’m not sure what it is that brought me here tonight, I had a little time to kill and a cup of coffee in my hand and I thought why not.

The last time I wrote we were in the midst of the COVID pandemic, and now almost four months later we still are, with what looks like no end in sight.

This time around I actually know people who have been unfortunate enough to have tested positive and I think it was a rough week to ten days, that said, thankfully they have come out the other side, many others were not so fortunate.

Life for me has pretty much carried on, work still has to be done, along with the general day to day of looking after the house. You get so used to being inside that it’s almost easy sometimes to forget there is a whole world outside of these four walls. The introvert in me has coped not too bad with the situation, but even I have found that I need to get out once in a while, walk in the sunshine and smell the sea air, it really does blow away the cobwebs.

The hardest part of this for me has been for friends who in the middle of all of this have lost parents or loved ones. Not being able to attend funerals and give someone a hug is heart breaking. Not being able to be there to help them celebrate a life lived, or offer condolences, well it’s just not the same via text message is it.

The other end of the spectrum and stories I have heard are of expectant parents, who cannot enjoy the experiences of scans as a couple. Women having to attend appointments on their own while their partners miss out. All those little firsts, that can never be replayed.

I never in my lifetime thought I would see anything like this. I hope once it is all over, that we never do again.

But there is a lot to be thankful for, I am here and well and typing and you are here and hopefully well and reading.

I have missed you :)

20 thoughts on “It’s the Sunday before the Monday

  1. It’s good to see you. I’ve been offline a lot since Trump got elected, it’s been so depressing, and now I’m sort of tiptoeing back onto the blogs. I’m lucky enough so far that I don’t know anyone personally who’s faced COVID, it’s been more or less at two removes and no deaths so far, but I don’t know how the world is going to hear up. I’m glad for the people who are still knocking around WordPress.


    • You guys have another election coming up right!? Yes it’s hard to know how we will come out the other side, just when I thought things were getting better restrictions relaxed and it all revved up again, ffs! Look after yourself, and looking forward to your words soon when you find them :)


  2. Enjoyed hearing from you via your post. It’s been about a year for me since I have written anything but I like to check in to see what everyone has to say.
    Yes, so many firsts have been missed because of Covid. For the first time ever our children and their families did not come home to celebrate Easter. Our first grandson graduated from High School and we could not be there to share that special moment with him and his parents. My sister has become a grandmother for the first time and I have not yet met my great-nephew. The important thing is that everyone is safe.
    Take care and be safe.


  3. Well, hello YOU!! I’ve missed you and of course hearing your lovely voice via your posts. Pleased you are doing okay. Like you, the introvert in me has coped quite well with the social distancing protocols and staying home, although we are lucky enough to have been on the road since mid-February. We got COVID-zapped thousands of kms from home so opted to keep going and just because we’re friends, I have to tell you, we are enjoying being away from home. Stay well xx Linda


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