All the small things

I feel like I’ve been struggling a bit of late. Struggling to keep on top of my mental well-being, which in turn has resulted in an inability to write.

In the face of competing demands I just seem to shut down. I’d been trying to juggle too many things and the pressure was beginning to show. I was starting to dread going to work because I wasn’t sure I could cope with any more of the curve balls it had to throw at me.

I was worried about other things I needed to complete outside of work and how I was going to get the time to get them done.

I was tired. I am tired.

I was forgetting though that I am just one person. I can’t do everything all at once and I deserve time for myself without feeling guilty about it.

Its so easy when the pressures on to forget about the little things and the little things are actually very important.

Like the fact that I love my new work colleague, in fact all my colleagues. I love how she gets my sense of humour and work aside it’s like she’s always been there. She fits in.

I love that I feel comfortable with these people and that they can turn my frown upside down.

I love my friends, who without knowing I’m feeling the darkness give me something to brighten it, in the form of an empty gin bottle and a rechargable string of lights. Like I said, small things mean a lot.

I need to not forget these things, because they make this life what it is. It’s far from perfect, but for every low there is a high, we just need to acknowledge that.

29 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. I know the feeling, hon. I’ve been very damn quiet on here for months. Just starting to pick it back up a bit, maybe… until the next catastrophe! Glad you have a fun new coworker, it does help to spend most of your day around decent people instead of wankers :)

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    • I’m glad to hear you’re coming back, you been through a rough old time this last while so I think you can be forgiven for taking a break.

      You’ll get this, living where you do and all. I said to my co-worker the other day (I’m training her) ‘Ok you do this one on your own and you better get it right’ and she says ‘Why’ and I said ‘cos if you don’t I going to knock your malt in’ and she laughed, and I did too and told her that I liked that she gets my sense of humour.

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  2. I’ve been experiencing similar. I have a lot going on and blogging has taken a back-burner. But I haven’t really felt like writing either. I hope I get back into it at some point, but I kind of feel like I have nothing to write at the moment. It’s great to have friends/colleagues who bring lightness to our lives. I have a few people in my life who help – they are truly special. I hope you feel better soon :)

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    • Thanks :) I’ve been thinking about the blogging thing a lot and had a chat with one of my friends earlier in the week because I was thinking of jacking it in, but then he said to just blog when I need to.
      I’d love to be able to blog freely, but I don’t feel I can and that’s no ones fault but my own.
      Maybe we should just write, regardless of how we are feeling, just start and then go with the flow.


  3. It’s so easy to get caught up, isn’t it? Sometimes, you just need to give yourself a break. I feel like I’m constantly go to go, but trying to calm it down.
    We’re here for you Juls, and is those little things that make all the difference

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  4. I’m sorry you’ve been struggling. I agree with you, though: that sometimes it’s the littlest things that make a big difference. Something small can be the light that guides you out of the tunnel. Sending good vibes your way!

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  5. Take care of you Juls…my mum used to say: Some days I sit and think and some days I just sit.
    I know its like that some days, and I think that it’s ok to do just that. Especially on days where for whatever reason its all a bit overwhelming.
    So be kind to you….you are your own best friend..

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  6. Massive virtual hugs for you Jules!

    I hope that spotting the little things will help lead you out of your dark place. You deserve time for yourself as well as all the giggles! I hope writing this also started to help you feel better.

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      • That’s just the way the world goes sometimes. Work takes over so you have to wait for it to calm down before you can go back to real life!

        I hope this weekend will be better for you. 🙂

        I’m good. I just got a new job, and then got sick so had to take a day off. Eep! They seem to be nice about it though. Phew.


  7. Aaaah. There were answers to your own questions and dilemma in the post. And it was quiet liberating to see that you were at least on the path to figure things out and understand them fundamentally. Which is far more than what I can say I have been doing. I’m just a complete mess when it comes to figuring out things …


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