Hey, how’s tricks? 

See what I did there? I’m deflecting, putting the onus on you to start a conversation because I have nothing to say, literally nothing. 

I keep feeling like I should write. I want to write. But I’ve got zip, just dead space between my ears, a whole shit load of nowt. 

I buy too much stationary,  because when I’m in a funk it makes me feel better. It used to be shoes and handbags, but I can’t afford them anymore, mainly because I bought too many when I could. I would do a car boot sale, but I’d be one of those people who’d look longingly at my stuff and then squirrel it away on the promise that I’d sell it next time. 

So here I am with all this stationary and still I have nothing. What’s the point of the pen and the notebook I ask myself if I’ve no words to fill the pages with. 

I could tell you what’s going on in my head, but most of the time I don’t know myself. It’s a scarey place in there and not somewhere even I want to willingly go. 

I could tell you what’s going on in my life, but apart from work and my recent addiction to Game of Thrones there isn’t much else. A lot of the time it feels like the world is moving forward and I’m standing on the sidelines watching it go by. 

So, what do you do when you’ve got nothing. Well you do what I just did and waffle whatever is in your head hoping that the people who are crazy enough to read your blog forgive you and understand that normality, whatever that is, will one day return. 

I feel like a fence. I need to get over myself, shut the gate on my insecurities and just write!

51 thoughts on “So……

  1. ‘Zactly what I’ve been feeling. Hence the radio silence over my way. I’m blaming having too much sun here in Ireland (if that were possible πŸ˜€ )


  2. I’ve Got Zip
    No words pop into my mind,
    Inspiration’s far behind-
    Pens and paper pushed aside,
    Come on, brain- I’m open wide!
    I s’pose it’s just one of those days,
    Eyes quite bleary, mind- a haze.
    Tomorrow is another day-
    I’m sure my words will find their way.
    Little gift for you.


    • Lol that’s great, you put a smile on my face anyway.
      I tried to think of something equally smart in response but alI I’ve got is:
      Thanks so much for your little ditty,
      It really is so very pretty.
      I love to see you went the extra mile,
      To make a girl with nothing crack a smile :)


  3. I like your waffling Juls, it always cheers me up! Jump that gate and write what makes you happy, cos we’re happy too then πŸ™‚


  4. RECENT addiction? You’ve got a lotta catchin up to do, lassie! I’ve been hooked on GoT since the first season and it just keeps getting better!
    So on the topic, I watch YouTube videos by a guy named Jazza, and he draws. He’s got this app called Arty Party games and it has a lot of random generation stuff in it to draw. But I’m thinking, you’ve got all this stationery, why not write some stories? You write good stories, and the more you do the better you get. The app costs a few bucks but I think it’s worth it to get prompts like “a drunken monkey with a cyborg arm throwing hammers.”


  5. I have some nice stationary as well or is it stationery, I forget, like calendar and calender. Does it really matter? Who wants me to send them a letter? And what should I write in it? Only a congress person to write to, but whatever I write they won’t or can’t do anything about it. So what do I do when I have nothing? Well, when I am inspired I write multiple posts and don’t post them until I hit that blank spot. Then I pop one out and no one knows the difference, unless it has a Christmas tree in it in July. Then I would call it Christmas in July. I generally don’t know what to comment on in your posts, and now I have proven that, but it did not stop me. May the fog lift!


    • Lol you do realise I’m going to have to you back and search in all your July posts for Christmas trees lol
      Don’t worry about no knowing what to say on my comments because I generally don’t either. I think I’m the worst commenter in the world so I’m usually to shy to do it lol

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  6. Aww, lookit! You did it!
    Seriously, though, I hate when people ask “so what’s new with you?” Umm… if I had big exciting news to tell you, I would have led with that. Now I’ve got to either make something up and remember that lie forever (so exhausting) or think of something real to tell you and pretend not to notice how bored you are at my sad, lonely life.


  7. Well I find it easy to forgive….the fact you managed to write something is always better than nothing, better than you sitting at the computer, your mind a blank and we never find out what it is that might be floating about in there….sometimes the need to reach out to see if anyone is there, listening or talking is what you need to do. That way at least you know you are not alone and that maybe someone might write back….take care Juls, inspiration will hit you when you least expect and you’ll find yourself rushing to your PC to get it all down…..I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…


    • I love it, that’s two of you who left me little ditties and it’s amazing how they make you think and start working out responses in your head.
      Clever ladies, I like your way of getting me thinking :)


  8. Yes, if you do not expect anything from life, you will not be disappointed. In a while I only wanted to die; I was very disappointed…
    Yes, it’s good to not want anything.


      • Maybe, but if you can imagine you live in hell, you’ll understand. There is no hope and any effort in this sense is in vain. Under these circumstances, ‘to make the most of it’ is a nonsense.


      • I guess. But I looked after someone with Dementia for four years and I considered that like he’ll most days. But I made it out the other side, although I’d say mentally I’m still recovering. I guess it’s how you perceive things, I like to think there is always hope, despite believing that my cups is always half empty.


  9. Beneath the stone is hidden the eel…
    We seem to be living in a normal world, but is’s just an appearence. I’m not refering here to mental ilness, but to a particular normality. Ordinary people identifing this special normality with madness, but connoisseurs know it’s psychotronic reality.


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