When your colleagues know you well!


Picture the scene, I’m in my office merrily typing away, busy as a little bee when out of the corner of my eye I see an e-mail arrive. I know by the title what it means, one of my colleagues wants me to proof read his work. I think to myself I’m just too busy today and I’ll have to tell him.

Next thing the corridor door opens and he peeks his head around the corner.

Me: I’m too busy, I’m not looking at your report (as I rhyme off a list of all the things I have to get done).

Him: Will you just open it up and have a look at the spacing.

Me: No, I’m too busy (as I again rhyme of previously recited list)

Him: Please, just check the spacing for me.

Me: NO! I am not doing it I am too busy!

Him: Please, just check the spacing.

Me: FFS! (as I open the e-mail)

*E-mail opens*

Me: Oh ffs, would you look at the state of this……..

*OCD kicks in*

Me: So if you do this and this, and a little bit of this too……..

Looking up I see my colleague grinning and realise I have just done what I swore I was not going to.

Me: Bollox! You played me like a fiddle!

They know me so well.


17 thoughts on “When your colleagues know you well!

  1. You’re too nice! Although I’ve a habit of fixing people’s documents when they send them to me just to read. Seriously, why can no one use Word properly. I’ve also found myself looking at menus in restaurants thinking that’s not aligned properly and there’s an extra space there…I’m so sad eh?


  2. They know you and they love you…you’re definitely one that brings joy INTO the office and not one of those that gives joy when they leave! :)


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